Author: Isabel


Leafs + summer-like green pea soup with lemon

Today I’m reviewing the Dutch book Leafs by Carola de Kanter. From the book I also make a green pea soup with lemon!

Crispy plantain with fresh rhubarb salad

Today I combine the crispy baked plantain with a fresh rhubarb salad for lunch. The combination of the ingredients gives a crisp, fresh, a little sweet and very fresh touch to every bite.


Deep-fried croquettes with white asparagus

Sure we can manage another asparagus recipe before the season is over? Today there will be deep-fried croquettes with white asparagus!


Delicious strawberry cake with Limoncello cream

I have experimented with this cake for a while, and just in time for my upcoming birthday I’m finally happy with the result. Today I invite you to my kitchen table with a delicious strawberry cake with Limoncello cream!

What’s cooking right now?

Hej everyone, There is always something new happening around the blog . Time for an update!

Recipes / Articles

For magazines, newspapers and other clients who are appealed by my way of cooking, I make recipes and articles. This can be a single dish, a complete feature or under a recurrent section.


Book reviews

For my own blog, I regularly review cookbooks available in English, Dutch and Swedish. I also work for the Dutch review site ‘’.


I regularly do workshops about green food on locations in Sweden and the Netherlands. I do this for different target groups, from passionate homechefs to professional chefs in restaurants.

Translations Swedish – Dutch vv

I was brought up in Sweden but have lived in the Netherlands for a long time. Therefore, I’m often asked for typical Swedish-Dutch assignments. One of them is translation of culinary articles and books.


Culinary photography and foodstyling

I’m making my culinary photos to tease people! I love to introduce them to an exciting dish that they don’t know (yet). Within seconds they should be eager to make the recipe themselves. For this purpose, cooking, styling and photography must match.