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Power juice with fresh fennel and ginger

written by Isabel

Autumn, bright colors and high air! Each season really has its charms.
Today you get a simple recipe for a real power juice with fresh fennel and ginger. Maybe it even can defeat possible colds and other evil bacillaries that comes your way?

For sure it taste great and is full of go with all the ginger included. You decide yourself how strong you prefer the juice. I like to add quite a lot of ginger and then sip on it for a few hours like an intense shot. The fennel brings in a great taste of anise that works well with the ginger and apple.
It’s a real power juice that I even take on days that I’m thinking that I ought to drink a little less coffee … The fact that it gives a real energy boost does not make it any worse.  (Of course I made the juice with my new love from Froothie, the Optimum 700 advanced slow juicer).
Should we give it a go then?


Power Juice with fennel and ginger

2 small apples
1 bulb of fresh fennel
1-3 cm ginger

How do I do it?
1. Prepare the vegetables and fruit. Rinse and cut away any ugly spots. If necessary, peel and cut the vegetables and fruit into smaller pieces.
2. Assemble the juicer. If you use Optimum 700 advanced as I do, mount the fine strainer for vegetables with more fibers.
3. Start with the ginger and fennel and finish with apples. That way, you start with the coarser fibers which makes it easier to get out as much as possible of the vegetables and fruit in the machine.
3. Try to prepare your juice as close to serving as possible.
4. Clean up, dry and assemble your juicer again so that it’s ready for the next green juice you’re about to make.

The recipe is free from sugar, gluten and lactose.