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A Swedish tasting Christmas bread

This Christmas bread contains all the classic Swedish taste of christmas. Cloves, bitter orange, ginger and cumin provides a wonderful aroma and flavor that immediately takes me back to my childhood Christmases. Enjoy it with simple accessories like butter and a creamy, mild cheese so that al the spices can flourish on their own.


Swedish soft tunnbröd with parsnip

Its funny when you start thinking about it really… In India chapatis are baked over open fire, in Surinam roti,  in Mexico you eat flat tortillas made of corn flour, in the Middle East you get amazing pita breads to be filled and in Sweden we are very proud to have our soft and hard flatbread. These thin breads are in various shapes available everywhere in the world. Today I bake a very easy to make flatbread with parsnip. So good!


Swedish taste with beetroot and caraway mash

When I think about traditional Swedish tastebuds there are some specific herbs that comes to mind: dill, parsley, horseradish, mustard seeds (yes, it is a herb!) and caraway. All of them are very often (still) used in Swedish cooking and always bring me back to childhood and sunny memories. Today I want to give you a simple but oh so tasty, recipe for a beetroot and caraway mash.