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Hot chocolate with chipotle chili


October has for some days shown itself from its best side, the sun has been shining and the rain has stayed away. Last weekend I even was walking to the supermarket in just a t-shirt! But then again, the weather reminded us about the season and changed. Al of a sudden it was freezing! The rain came in and the winds took the beautiful red-colored leaves from the trees. The four different seasons really have there beauty!
So, defrost your numb hands and nose, light the candles and embrace the autumn. It’s hot chocolate season!

Let’s get to work!
Enough for 2 big cups

5,15 oz/600 gr/0,6 dl cold water
0,95 oz/300 gram cashew butter (bought or homemade, of course sugar-free)
0,35 oz/ 10 gram (raw) cacao
2 drips vanilla essence (I love this one from Spice drops)
a splash of chipotle chili (the smoked chili works really well with chocolate)
2 splashes of cinnamon
2 splashes of cardamom
a tiny pinch (Maldon) salt

(I don’t think that any sugar or any other sweetener is needed, but as always, ask your own tastebuds and conscious)

How do I do it?
Add it all to a mixer bowl and let it run until you have an equal, smooth chocolate milk. Pour it over in a pan and heat the chocolate milk to suitable temperature. Enjoy with some coconut cream on top if you like.

If you by any chance, get some chocolate milk over, leave it in the refrigerator and drink later. It gets even more taste and substance when cold. The ideal breakfast!

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