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A reflection on three months with Tastecelebration Residence

We sit on our porch in the lukewarm summer night. I have a blanket over my knees and hot, fresh mint tea in my teacup. The stars are twinkling above our heads and it feels like a good moment for a reflection of the past three months with Tastecelebration Residence.


Make your own addictive Za’atar!

There are a few herbs that you almost can get addicted to. The herbmix called za’atar is one of them. It really goes with almost everything; veggies, meat, beans, thick yoghurt or with just bread and olive oil.  You name it! 


Rutabaga purée with fresh mint

Starting to eat low carb, gluten and sugar-free have brought me a lot. Not alone did it opened my eyes for how to feel better in so many ways, but it also luckily opened my eyes for products and ingredients that I maybe would have missed otherwise. Rutabaga is a one of these.

Top 5: Enjoy your fresh herbs longer!

As a foodie, you probably love fresh herbs just like I do. Full of taste and colors they make every plate beautiful and add that extra oumpf to your dish every time. Probably you also have ended up with some sad, hanging herbs in your refrigerator once or twice. Herbs that you can’t use anymore and just ending up in the bin. Such a waste. I have the same problem but luckily I have thought of some solutions how to deal with it. Are you interested? Here is my Top5 to enjoy your fresh herbs longer! 1. Herb oil Blend your fresh herbs with olive oil, salt and maybe some garlic depending  on how you would like to use it in the end. Decide for yourself it you prefer it rough with a texture or smooth as green oil. Easy as that. Making the oil works perfect with leaf parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, rosemary, chervil, mint… You name it! The ready-made oil can be used as part of your salad dressing, to spice up your omelette, to sprinkle on …

The art of blending by Tori Ritchie + black cherry sorbet

A few days ago I got my hands on a brand new book, The art of blending. What an inspirational book!

Freshii give-away and a recipe for hot copycat soup

Don’t miss the give-away at the end of the post! A number of days ago, I was invited for a try-out in a new restaurant in Rotterdam, Freshii. Freshii already exists in 15 countries and 75 cities al over the world but this one, is the first in the Netherlands. Freshii wants to offer a healthy alternative for a snack, lunch or dinner when on the run. Eat and get energized is the Northstar in their green philosophy. And the real good news is, the menus are suitable for everyone – carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. You can completely customize your own dish. Wow!


Filled eggplant rolls

In a never ending search for taste explosions, I made these vegan eggplant rolls a few days ago. It consists of soft eggplant, crunchy pistachios, creamy cashew cream and lots of colors and lovely spices in every bite. It is a very easy recipe but there are some preparations that you need to take in consideration when making your dinner prep. Eat it as part of your dinner or make tapas. Lately I have deliberately starting to eat less meat and (even) more vegetables. But I’m not a vegan, nor a vegetarian. Im a fake-vegan, someone who have wet dreams about actually ones become one. Because I really don’t agree with the food industry or the way animals are treated in the food chain. But, living without cheese and eggs for the rest of my life. Neeeeh, sorry. Can’t do it. Instead of forcing myself into corners, I continue to explore fun food. What are you ideas and thinkings about this? Let’s get to work! Cashew cream with cilantro Makes a big batch enough for 4 persons Ingredients …

Healthy breakfast muffins with zucchini

Sometimes you need something quick for when in a hurry. Maybe you overslept, maybe you need something in between work and sport or maybe you just want to munch on something with your afternoon tea. And you want it to be good for you. The keyword here is planning. Because you just know, this will happen every now and then. It happens me more often than I would like. But when prepared, it doesn’t cause any problems at all. You just know, “I go the freezer, pick out my healthy muffin and I will be set to go”. In other words, a good feeling in mind and stomach. The muffins are truly filling and full of fiber due to the healthy coconut flour (not to be mixed up with finely grated coconut!). The zucchini makes it moist, the nuts and seeds give it a crunch and the blueberries create a sweet explosion in your mouth every now and then. No needs for sugar, gluten or any milk products. Hurrah! Let’s get to work! Breakfast muffins Makes 7 muffins Ingredients …


Crispy cheese-crackers with pesto

I love basil, I love pesto and I always make an enthusiastic amount. I add it to my tomatoes, to my green pasta, to my meat but then… At a certain moment I tend to wonder what the heck to do with last leftovers. Do you have the same problem? Well. For all foodies out there, meet my new category: Love your leftovers. Give them new life!

The easiest mayonnaise – 100% success promised!

Until a few years ago I was afraid of making mayonnaise. Afraid of that it again would separate and I would end up with a messy mix in the garbage. I tried everything. My arms where in great pain after beating the eggs for a long, long time. I was swearing silently to not push the eggs to separate due to the otherwise high tones (a tip from my mum ones…). I actually had given it up. But! Thanks to internet and al great foodies out there, I have found the solution!