How nice that you are here, welcome!

Most probably you are here, right now because you are just as I am, mad about good food! Food that isn’t ingratiating at first sight, not always taking the easy way out and often have a bite to it.

Perhaps you are curious about new ingredients or maybe a new combination of flavors?Or are you sometimes looking over your shoulder to see how they use to do it back in the good old days?
Are you thinking like me in how the seasons affect the flavors, how the textures are changing in your mouth and how your hearing can influence your food experience?

Or do you simply just enjoy some real good food?

Then we share the same interest!
I make good food with ingredients that I find along my life path. I find them from both very nearby and from far away. Why should you have to choose when the world is just in front of us?

I’m Isabel. With one foot in my homeland Sweden and the other one in my since 13 years new home, the Netherlands.
I’m passionate about good and exciting cuisine from all around the world and love sharing my finding with you. New food, old cooking methods and beautiful memories al come together here on the blog.

I hope I will see you back often around my kitchen table!


Contact me for more information about possible assignments and partnerships at

My profile photos are taken by Maggie Strand This photo is taken in wonderful Åbergs trädgård in the south of Sweden




  1. Can you please send me some conversion by cups for your recipe about oat cream.

    thank you,

    • Hi Mila,
      I posted the measurements yesterday here in the comments, maybe you didn’t see them? I paste my earlier answer in again. Hope you manage with these measurements.

      Hi Mila,
      I’m sorry I don’t use cups on the blog. I have however my best done for you to find out the measurements for this recipe.
      You need;
      1,2/3 cup of rolled oats
      2,5 cup water
      A good pinch of seasalt
      0,14 cup sunflower oil

      I hope you will be able to make the recipe with these guidelines. Good luck!

      Kind regards,

  2. Margaret says

    This is a beautiful website! It looks so inviting. I would be right there if I wasn’t building a house. Congratulations!
    (a couple spelling errors. Have a native english speaker proofread)

    • Thank you Margaret, I’m happy you enjoy the blog!
      Unfortunately there probably always will be some spelling mistakes here and there. I speak three languages al the time and every now and then I see myself writing a bit strange haha. 😉 I hope you can bare with me!

      Kind regards,

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