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Bear’s garlic pesto with baked carrots and red onion

Right now, the delicacy bear’s garlic is coming out of the ground like crazy in my part of Sweden. Right now, a beautiful spring sun is shining over our beautiful Österlen in the south. Right now it feels like a brisk contrast to what is happening in the rest of the world. Right now. Still, I cook. I make bear’s garlic pesto with baked carrots and red onion. So trivial as it is in this situation right now.


Homemade tofu with ovenbaked tomatoes and kale crisps

Most often you probably buy an already made tofu but you can also make it yourself, either from scratch from soybeans or as today a homemade tofu made from soy milk. You can quickly make it and can replace both mozzarella and cottage cheese with it.


Rich mushroom tapenade

Today you’ll find a rich mushroom tapenade with both fresh and dried mushrooms in the blog-bowl. Filled with lots of flavors and made to brighten up your dinner, light warm winter bonfires in your friend’s eye and make you feel like you just won the lottery. Mushroom tapenade is the thing!


Homemade butter with oat cream

Some weeks ago I made homemade oat cream on the blog and promised more recipes. It’s time to make homemade butter with the oat cream!


4 yummy creamy salad dressings

A dressing or a vinaigrette can make or break any green leaves or veggies. Today I serve 4 yummy creamy salad dressings for your coming salads. Just mix up and serve.


Cheesy cauliflower sauce – without the cheese!

I’m thinking about food almost 24/7. I read, write, cook and eat al the time (well, maybe not always eating but for the rest…). I love it! To go with my breakfast this morning, I had chosen a cookbook from the wonderful Sarah Britton. You know from the fabulous blog My new roots (click link)! She is writing about a rich sauce made with white beans and intend to use it for a cheese fondue. Interesting idea! So I made my own version, with cauliflower as main ingredient.

Vegan risotto with turnip, marinated onion and facon

I looooove risotto! It should be creamy with a hard center. Soft, rich and comforting. Only a minor problem. The rice. Lots of loving carbs that I’m trying to avoid. Well, I obviously have to think in new solutions. Preferably also without any products with lactose, just as an extra challenge. Hmmmm.