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Salad with quinoa, fresh figs and mustard dressing

The other evening I wanted to sneak up something fast for dinner. It became a delicious salad with quinoa, fresh figs and mustard dressing!


Stacked pancakes with ginger filling and twisted apple

Did anyone whisper a word about coming winter holidays? Maybe filled with outdoor activities? Did someone mentioned children (or grownups)  with red cheeks and tired legs? Time to serve stacked pancakes with ginger filling and twisted apple!


Delicious pie with chickpeas and sweet potato

Can you really bake a delicious, sweet pie with chickpeas, sweet potato and pumpkin seeds? Yeah! And can you really replace eggs with chickpea flour? Yes! Gosh, I am (and you are) a lucky bird, because that’s what you get the recipe for today. An unusual and festive pie made with good stuff doing pretty good for you during Christmas.


Chocolate truffle with chestnut puree

Yes, one more sweet little something for Christmas… A small chocolate truffle with chestnut puree!


A simple and tasty mushroom sauce with oat cream

Sometimes al you need is a simple and tasty mushroom sauce with oat cream. Easy to make, fits to almost anything and not expensive to make. Additionally, you can vary it with several ingredients.


Homemade butter with oat cream

Some weeks ago I made homemade oat cream on the blog and promised more recipes. It’s time to make homemade butter with the oat cream!


Homemade oat cream

Sometimes you really want a creamy sauce for the dinner, a red wine sauce or perhaps one with mushrooms? But how do you do it if you want to drop the milk products such as sour-, double cream or butter that you normally maybe would add? You make your own homemade oat cream!