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Pumpkin and sesame butter


Pumpkin seeds are one of my favorites! Crispy, with lots of flavor and so versatile in the kitchen. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you’ll see how often I tend to use it… In other words, it was just a matter of time before this pumpkin and sesame butter would appear on my kitchen table!

In order to give my pumpkin butter even more taste, I also added some roasted sesame seeds. Oh, it’s so good!

The next post this week will be a recipe for my favorite breakfast at this very moment. It’s actually so good that I had trouble deciding if I should categorize it as breakfast or dessert … Of course I serve it with my new pumpkin and sesame butter!


Pumpkin and sesame butter

3 dl / 190 grams of pumpkin seeds, unsalted and not roasted
About 1,5 dl / about 130 grams of a good olive oil
A good pinch of quality sea salt
0,5 dl peeled sesame seeds

How do I do it?
1. Roast the pumpkin seeds in a dry and hot pan (without any oil) until they begin to smell sweet and turn golden brown. Stir frequently, they shouldn’t get burned! Pour the roasted pumpkin seeds straight into a mixer.
Roast the sesame seeds in the same way. When done, pour them into a separate bowl for now.
2. Mix the pumpkin seeds well in a mixer. If you prefer different consistency in your butter, you can choose to mix half of them fine and the other half coarser.
3. Add sea salt and olive oil and mix until smooth. You decide how loose you want your butter with the amount of oil you add. I like my butter to be rather loose but you choose yourself!
4. Finally add the roasted sesame seeds. Fold them in well with a spatula and pour the butter into a clean glass jar. Store the jar in the fridge.

The pumpkin and sesame butter is good both on a sandwich, in a smoothie and on porridge and yogurt. Or why not add it to a pasta sauce?

This recipe is free of gluten, lactose, nuts and refined sugar.

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