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What’s cooking right now?

Hej everyone,
There is always something new happening around the blog . Time for an update!

Mandelmann’s cookbook in Dutch

In Sweden last year a cookbook called Mandelmanns kokbok written by Marie and Gustav Mandelmann was published. The couple have made a remarkable success with both the book and television serie on a national TV in Sweden. They even are busy with recording another 10 shows from their farm Djupadal! Their farm is runned 100 % organic and self-supporting.

This fall I got the question to translate the book to Dutch and a few weeks ago, the book finally came out here in the Netherlands! It was fantastic to have the Dutch version in my hand and see all the 50,000 words we translated!
The first Dutch copy of the book, I handed over myself to Marie and Gustav around Easter. It was a nice meeting on the farm in their wonderful kitchen with freshly ground coffee, good home-made cake and laughter.

Skåne Food Festival

In early June, when all the festivals are starting up throughout Europe, I am booked for the Skånes Food Festival in south Sweden.
The festival is a combination of tastings, presentations from companies within the food sector and a large program of workshops by professionals. Chefs from al over are coming, even Titti Qvarnström! She is the first woman in Sweden to get a star in the Guide Michelin!
I will give four workshops during the festival, two with focus on chickpeas and two about food photography on Instagram.  My days are filled!

Winter workshops program in the planning

In mid July I have two workshops in south Sweden (in Swedish) and in June I will do some promotion for the Mandelmann book in the Netherlands. For the rest I will try to enjoy summer and sun before starting up with a new workshop program for the autumn and winter.

Landje van de boer

A big difference between Sweden and the Netherlands is that in Sweden there are less people on a great piece of land. In the Netherlands we have the opposite, a huge amount of people in a small country. Of course this also have an impact on the gardening life…

Almost al my friends in Sweden who live in the Swedish countryside have a huuuuuuge garden. But here in the Netherlands most none of our friends have a garden. For us who long for fresh air, the smell of apple flower and butterflies every now and then is sometimes can get difficult.

But we just found a Diamant! ‘The land of the farmer’ in Bloemendaal just outside Haarlem! a
The garden is runned by volunteers and they create the most beautiful garden with vegetables and flowers. Next to green house you can enjoy tea with fresh mint tea and homemade muffins.
A very nice piece of rest, just outside the urban development.
My camera of course went crazy!

Thank you for reading the blog and keep coming back. It means so much for me!
Hope you will enjoy the spring and upcoming summer.
See you soon back, Isabel

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