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Culinary photography and foodstyling


I’m making my culinary photos to tease people!
I love to introduce them to an exciting dish that they don’t know (yet). Within seconds they should be eager to make the recipe themselves. For this purpose, cooking, styling and photography must match.

No matter if it’s on my own blog, for a cookbook or a recipe in a magazine; a culinary photo always aims to stimulate the viewer.
I take assignments from cookbook writers, publishers of books and magazines or other clients. We start around the table to discuss the wishes and expectations. Once we found the right feeling and line for the photos, I get to work.


For the food styling I have thousands of props at hand ranging from art deco dinnerware to Ikea glassware and about anything in between. If preferred I can also work with other selected and supplied material.

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Sharing the passion for food!

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