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Oven-baked fresh figs with almonds and orange juice


This is such a simple dessert that even a child can make it but oh so good! Fresh oven-baked figs with almonds and orange juice is quick to make and requires no preparation at all. A perfect dessert when you have fresh figs on hand.

I always feel it a bit luxurious when having fresh figs at home and still in October and November I can find them (affordable) at my vegetable store.
The sauce with orange, almonds and date syrup just jump melts in your mouth and fits perfectly with some yogurt or vanilla ice cream. It will be a simple but delicious finish for any dinner.

I have calculated 1.5 fig per person but feel free to add more. I have to admit I eat two before even thinking about the idea of ​​sharing …

This recipe also works with figs that are not really ripen. that can be handy as it sometimes is a lottery in finding the best figs in the store (or on the tree).
When selecting your figs, look for a beautiful color and even surface on the shell. Ideally they are perfect ripen and have a sun-warmed smell. Avoid any mushy or strange smelling examples.  Keep in mind that fresh figs are very fragile and need gentle hands!

Now, let’s get started with that dessert!


Oven-baked fresh figs with almonds and orange juice

3 persons

5 fresh figs
2 tablespoons of date syrup
A small handful of blanched almonds, chipped
The peel of an orange (preferably organic)
The juice of 1 orange
5 small teaspoons of butter (plant-based)

How do I do it?
1. Turn on the oven at 200° C. Prepare a small baking dish and grease it with some oil or butter.
2. Rinse off the figs and cut off the stems. Cut it underneath so that each fig can stand steadily. Cross the top of the fig almost al through with a knife and open the edges of each fig. Place all the figs in the baking dish.
3. Sprinkle the date syrup on top of all the figs.
Sprinkle the chipped almonds and finely grate the orange peel on top of the figs.
Squeeze the orange juice and pour it over. Add a small teaspoon of butter over each fig and place the baking lid the oven in the oven for about 15 minutes.
Serve the figs warm or lukewarm, on its own or with some yogurt * or vanilla ice cream*.

This recipe is free of gluten and lactose (*depending on which yogurt or ice cream you choose).


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