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Ginger and lemon shot


When visiting Sweden and Denmark for Christmas, I found small bottles with a ginger shot for sale everywhere. So fresh, and quickly I became a major consumer! Once back in Holland again, I missed my shots and decided to fix because my own. Today I therefore offer you a delicious ginger and lemon shot!
The ginger drink is really spicy but very tasty. I think it is enough apple juice to sweeten it but if you prefer, you can always add some agave or maple syrup to make it less hot.

To prepare the drink you need a decent mixer and a nutmilkbag which really only consists of a small bag of nylon or thin cotton. It is often used in raw food and are indispensable when making different kinds of plant-based milk. I also use it for when making my oat cream and my almond feta. I even use it when growing sprouts at home!
A nutmilkbag you can sometimes find in health food stores and otherwise easily online in shops with focus on healthy or raw food. If you are handy, you can also simply sew one yourself.

Enjoy a shot (or more) of the drink in the morning and evening. Maybe it can take some day to get used to the intense taste but then you are stucked. Fresh, tasty and somehow empowering.
Here we go!


Ginger and lemon shot

Making 1 liter
0.7 liter of water
200 gram of fresh ginger
2 whole lemons
3 sweet apples (large ones!)
If preferred some kind of sweetening like agave or maple syrup

How do I do it?
1. Pour half of the water in a blender.
Rinse and remove any ugly stains on the ginger. I don’t peel the ginger but you decide yourself how you prefer it. Cut it into smaller pieces and add to the blender.
2. Peel the lemons with a knife and divide them in half. Add the peeled pieces into the blender.
3. Cut out the cores of the apples and cut them into smaller pieces. You do not have to peel them. Add the pieces to the blender.
4. Place the lid on the blender and mix until everything has become a puree. Fill up with the rest of the water and blend until you have a thick liquid.
5. Prepare your nutmilkbag over a suitable bowl and pour your ginger juice in the bag. Gently squeeze out all the liquid and pour it over in a clean bottle assigned for 1 liter. Done!

Store your ginger drink in the fridge. Shake well before serving. It holds five to six days if you didn’t finish it before.

This recipe is free from gluten, lactose and refined sugar (if you didn’t sweetened it extra with other options).

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