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Homemade butter with oat cream


Some weeks ago I made homemade oat cream on the blog and promised more recipes. It’s time to make homemade butter with the oat cream!

I really like butter, most of all a French butter with salty flakes in it. A layer of a good quality butter on a sourdough bread is really an underrated luxury! So. Just on time to get it going in the kitchen.
The butter is easy to spread and melt nicely on a toasted sandwich.
If you would like to make herb butter instead just add some nice herbs or other seasonings. Here you’ll find some older posts with different ideas for seasoned butters , “enjoy your fresh herbs longer” and “smoked garlic butter”.

A few tips along the way!

– Depending on how hard butter you prefer, you can play with the amount of coconut oil. More coconut oil provides a harder butter when kept in the refrigerator and freezer. It is important that you use a flavor and odor free coconut oil, otherwise everything will taste coconut …
– The white miso gives the butter a tasty, extra dimension. If you have trouble finding it, simply skip it. You could also replace it with a teaspoon of nutritional yeast if that is easier to find even though the taste will be slightly different.
– If you want the butter to be slightly more attractive in color, add a tiny bit of turmeric. Be careful, it quickly becomes yellow with a very small amount!
– If you’re like me and like salted butter the best, add the flakey salt with a spatula really at the end of making the butter. I have used Maldon salt flakes for this recipe.
If you prefer a “plain” butter, take the smaller amount of salt, using a regular fine salt and mix it at any time during the process.
Let’s get to work!


Homemade butter with oat cream

75-85 gram / 2,6-2,9 oz taste and odorless coconut oil of good quality
115 grams / 125 ml / 4,05 oz canola oil or sunflower oil
120 grams / 1,25 dl / 4,02 oz homemade oat cream (for recipe click here!)
A tiny pinch of turmeric (optional)
1 tsp white miso (optional)
0,5-1 teaspoon salt flakes of good quality (use the smaller amount of salt if you prefer a more neutral taste)

How do I do it?
1. Mix well (preferably with a hand blender) the oat cream, canola oil plus the optional white miso and/or turmeric (see comments above in the text).
2. Melt the coconut oil in a pan or in the microwave. Let it cool off (but not solidify).
3. Mix the melted coconut oil in the cream. (See comment above concerning the amount).
Add the salt flakes with a spatula to the butter. Taste the butter. Does it taste like you want it to taste? Add otherwise some extra salt or other optional seasonings (See comment above concerning seasonings).
4. Allow the butter to solidify in the fridge. It takes about 2-3 hours.

The butter is good to go for about 1 week in the refrigerator. It also works great to keep in the freezer. Let it slowly defrost in the refrigerator when needed.
The butter also works well to fry in.

This recipe is free from lactose, milk protein, gluten (if you used gluten-free rolled oats) and sugar.


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