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Homemade oat cream


Sometimes you really want a creamy sauce for the dinner, a red wine sauce or perhaps one with mushrooms? But how do you do it if you want to drop the milk products such as sour-, double cream or butter that you normally maybe would add? You make your own homemade oat cream!

In some countries you can buy it almost everywhere (like in Sweden) and in some it’s still difficult to find a good alternative in stores (like here in Netherlands). By making it yourself your not only saving rather a lot of money but also any unnecessary preservatives. A classic win-win, in other words!

The homemade oat cream stays good up for 10-14 days in the fridge. Ideal to have prepared for any occasion in the kitchen.
Part from using the cream to a sauce, I also like to add it to my dairy-free butter and my Christmas bread. Very soon you will get more recipes including this oat cream. Woohoo, its so much fun to create in the kitchen!
Let’s get to work!


Homemade oat cream

You need a nutbag or cheese cloth to make this recipe. You also need a mixer.

1,5 dl / 55 gram rolled oats (gluten-free)
6 dl / 600 gram water
A good pinch of (sea)salt
2 tablespoons / 30 gram of neutral oil (t.e.x sunflower or canola)

How do I do it?
1. Measure the water and pour it in a small saucepan. Let it come to a boil.
2. Add the oats, stir around so that everything is well mixed. Set the pan aside and leave it covered for 30 minutes.
3. Add salt and oil to the pan and pour everything into a blender. Mix until you have a smooth cream.
4. Pour the cream into a nutbag or cheese cloth with a bowl underneath. Squeeze out all fluid. Collect the fluid in the bowl. If you mixed it really well, there will be almost nothing left in your nutbag when ready.
5. Voila! Your cream is ready to be poured over a sterilized (add boiling water to it few times) bottle. It keeps well in the refrigerator for about two weeks.

This recipe is free from gluten (if using gluten free rolled oats), lactose and sugar.

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  2. Kristen says

    I tried to make this tonight and after 30 minutes of the oats soaking, it became like really thick porridge. I even tried adding more water but it was just a thick porridge that I couldn’t drain through a nut milk bag. I don’t know what happened.

    • Hi Kristen,
      Im so sorry to read your message!
      I hope I can help you further. It’s correct that it should be a very thick porridge after the soaking. Before adding it to the nut milk bag, you should make sure to mix it with a hand blender or any other good mixer very well. It really should be a thick, thick creme! After mixing it a few minutes, add the cream to the nut milk bag and squeeze the liquid. Left in the bag there you should just be a small amount of pulp when ready.

      Hope you will try it again, maybe you didn’t mix it enough before adding to the bag?
      Let me know if you have any further questions or ideas about what went wrong!

      Kind regards,

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  4. Ok! I will consider my self hooked!!! Your my new pusher ;o) Normaly I turn to Oatly when I desperatly need a coffee break… This cream is the s….! Thanks for a great recepe ;o)

    • Hi Eva,
      Well I’m happy to be your personal pusher hihi!
      Great to hear that you like the cream just as much as I do, thanks for letting me know!

      x Isabel

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  8. Maria barnicoat says

    I’m excited to try this. I’m so done with parky and their unethical palm oil additive.

    • Great Maria, I’m sure you will like it. Its such a versatile ingredients, I use in so many recipes I sometimes have to stop myself haha!
      Indeed, I also prefer product without the palm oil and any other unwanted ingredients that companies tend to add to it… Better to make it yourself.
      Hope to see you soon back here!

      Hej, hej

    • Hi Mila,
      I’m sorry I don’t use cups on the blog. I have however my best done for you to find out the measurements for this recipe.
      You need;
      1,2/3 cup of rolled oats
      2,5 cup water
      A good pinch of seasalt
      0,14 cup sunflower oil

      I hope you will be able to make the recipe with these guidelines. Good luck!

      Kind regards,

    • Katherine says

      1.5 decilitres is approximately five fluid ounces, or .63 US cups. A good approximation would be: half a cup plus two tablespoons if you have no way to measure fluid ounces.

      Six deciliters of water is 20 ounces or 2 1/2 US cups.

      So, 5 oz of oats to 2 1/2 cups of water.

      🙂 Cheers!
      – Kath

    • admin says

      Hi Nikki,
      You could try to replace it with a very mild olive oil. Coconut oil will harden in the refrigerator and you will loose the creaminess (at least until you heat it up). Good luck!


  9. Heather says

    I’m just starting to explore using oat milks and creams, and this sounds great! I would love to know what else you use it in!

    • Hi Heather,
      Nice to hear that you are interested in oat milk and creams! It’s so easy and delicious to work with!
      On the blog you can find a mushroom sauce and vegan butter that I made with the oat cream (just search on “oat” in the search area in right column). I’m sure there I will have more recipes soon with it on the blog. Thanks for reminding me :0)

      Good luck with making it!

  10. Carol Edwards says

    Probably a silly question. Does it have to be gluten free oats?
    Can’t wait to try this.
    Thanks so much for your time with the blog.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your question! There’s never silly questions for me on the blog 😇.
      You absolutely don’t have to have glutenfree oats, it’s just me making everything with ingredients without gluten on the blog. If you don’t mind, just use what you have at home or can get where you live.

      Good luck with making it, it works great with so many things!


  11. Peggy Dominie says

    This looks wonderful, I’m going to try this. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Peggy,
      Thank you for passing by! I’m happy you like the recipe, it’s so handy to have ready in the refrigerator for whenever you want to make a sauce, pancakes or even butter!
      Hope you will give it a try!


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    • Hi Khadijah,
      No unfortunately, this cream dosen’t work for whipping Im afraid. It’s more for sauces, making bread and pancakes etc. But for that purpose it works perfect!

      Kind regards,

  13. Nancye says

    Hello Isabel…

    Can I use Extra Virgin Olive oil instead of Sunflower or Canola. Thank you so much for the recipe, I saw the Oatly brand is organic but the company use a Beef fertiliser and I’m Vegan so I am against buying their brand. I am grateful to find this recipe for the oatmeal cream. Thank you so much for sharing with us all…

    Merry Christmas to you also…

    Nancye from Australia..

    • Hi Nancye,
      Thank you for your nice comment!
      I’m so surprised to read about Oatly, I have to find out more about it! Here in Europe vegans (and myself) are thrilled about their products but I’m sure they as well as I didn’t know about this fertilizer…

      Anyway, I’m happy that you find this recipe handy. I use it for sauces, pancakes, bread etc and it really works great! Sunflower cream or canola oil would probably work just as good. Olive oil I think would be to “aggressive” in taste but if you find v very mid one is probably works as well. Good luck in making it!

      Merry christmas to you too and hope to see you back soon on the blog again!

  14. thank you for the idea!!! I made garlic oat cream sauce for the first time!! Happy New meal for the first day of New Year!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Hi Christine,
      Oh I’m so happy that you liked it!
      It sounds yummy with making a garlic sauce with it, such a great idea!

      I wish you a happy 2018!

  15. Abigail says

    Hello! I tried to comment on this a while ago, but apparently it didn’t go through? Do you know if it will still turn out well without the oil, or with less? I am trying to eliminate oil from my diet for health reasons. Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Abigail,
      Thank you for your message and my excuses for a late replay.
      You probably could try with a little less oil but I can’t guarantee that it will be the same. If you like it to be thick, you could also maybe add some more oats? But compared to soy milk its really much thicker as it is.
      I hope you will have a great result!

      Kind regards,

  16. Krystal says

    Such a cool recipe! I’m from the US and have never heard of oat cream before. Do you think using avocado oil would be weird?

    • Hi Krystal.
      Im not sure about the avocado oil… I think you will have a better result with a more neutral oil for the taste.

      Good luck!

      Kind regards,

  17. Melissa says

    Is it supposed to be thick and gloopy / sticky like texture?

    The ones you get at shop are quite thin and aren’t sticky. So I was just wondering as I’ve never made this before.
    Thanks :

    • Hello Melissa,
      No, it’s not supposed to be really thick after you put it through the nutbag. Did you mix it really well before putting it through the nutbag? You can adjust the thickness of the cream with adding more (or less) water.
      The texture can be slightly more sticky then then ones from the store but dosen’t make any difference in a sauce, pancakes etc.

      I hope you manage to get it right, best of luck!
      Kind regards,

  18. Zofia Holton says

    Hi, I tried making this yesterday and it is a gamechanger! Thicker than the oatley brand but just as good in coffee. I got so excited having ‘cream’ in the house that I made an impromptu vegan lasagna and the creamy nutmeg bechamel was amazing! I think it would be so great in soups to make them creamy. I might try to make a custard out of it too! Thanks for the recipe. It is so much cheaper and healthier than buying the cartons!

    • Hi Zofia,
      Oh you just made my day with your comment! So happy to read you enjoyed it, it’s really is so versatile for many recipes.

      Thank you for taking the time writing to me!
      Kind regards,

  19. Liv says

    Hi, I was wondering if I could add a bit of sugar to this and make it a sweet cream?

    • Hi Liv,
      Thank you for your question.
      Hmm, you could try it but I don’t think it really will add something. Unfortunately you can’t wip it like “real” cream made of cow milk.

      Good luck with trying!

      Kind regards,

  20. Martin says

    OK, I have a daft question before I attempt this:

    Your recipe, and responses to comments, makes it sound like I will be left with 2 things at the end of this process:
    1. a Cheesecloth with the remains of the pulp
    2. a bowl of water underneath it.

    Where is the cream at the end of this process?

    • Hi Martin,
      The cream will be squeezed out from cheesecloth and the cream will be in the bowl beneath. The pulp will stay in the cheese cloth.
      I hope you will give it a try!
      Kind regards,

  21. Sibel says

    This is the Answer to all my cream needs. Absolutely amazing receipe!!!!!! My tea and coffee tastes delish. I also used it for my mash potatoes, Devine!

    • Wow, what a compliment! Thank you so much Sibel, I’m very happy to hear that you enjoy the recipe!

      Kind regards,

  22. Raija says

    Hello Isabel,
    great recipe! Thank you!
    Can this oat cream be frozen?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Raija,
      Although I haven’t tried it, I doubt that this cream is ok to be frozen but the only way to find out is of course to try it out😉
      Most probably you could at least use the frozen oat cream and the again melted version of the cream to bake bread or make pancakes.
      Good luck!

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