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Homemade preserved lemons


Last year I wrote about the tastebud preserved lemons. At that time I also wrote that it worked just as good with purchased preserved lemons too. I regret it intensely. After having a taste of my friend Micheline homemade preserved lemons I know better.

Of course I should have understood that immediately … Here is the recipe so that you also can make them, they are so amazingly good!

The recipe comes from the book Make it Moroccan cuisine -Modern from the place where the sun sets written by the renowned chef Hassan M’Souli, born in Casablanca, but now living in Australia. The book was released 2004 for the first time and has since the been printed several times and sold worldwide.

Preserved lemons

There are numerous variations in how to make preserved lemons in books and online. Most often they are actually made with just salt and olive oil, but in this recipe the chef has also have added cardamom pods, chilli and bay leaves giving an already fantastic product, a further dimension. So simple and so dreamy good to a stew or on a toasted sandwich with cream cheese or … to almost everything.

The lemons need to snuggle in the pickle for at least four weeks before you can tuck into it so it’s we better get started right away!


Homemade preserved lemons

10 organic lemons with a thin rind
480 grams of coarse seasalt
1 liter of boiling water
Lemon juice from one lemon
8 whole cardamom pods
2 small red chillies (optional)
2 bay leaves
Olive oil as a finishing layer

How do I do it?
1. Clean the lemons thoroughly and soak them in water for 3 days. Change the water every day.
2. Drain and cut each lemon into four without cutting them completely through. The four wedges should still be connected to each other.
3. Hold a lemon over a bowl (to collect the lemon juice) and fill the lemon generously with salt. Place then the lemon in a pickling jar intended for two liters (or 2 jars intended for one liter). Repeat the same procedure for each lemon.
4. When ready, pour over enough boiling water to cover the lemons completely. Add the remaining salt, the collected amount of lemon juice plus the specified amount of lemon juice named in the list above, cardamom pods, chilli and bay leaves.
5. Leave the pot for a few minutes to make sure that all air bubbles have risen. Pour a thin layer of olive oil on top. Close the container tightly and leave the lemons dark and cool for at least a month before opening it again.
If you preserved the lemons in the right way, they can hold for several years. Store them in the fridge.

This recipe is free of lactose, milk protein, gluten and sugar.

The book Make It Make it Moroccan cuisine -Modern from the place where the sun sets is available for purchase via online bookshops.

A big thank you to Micheline for letting me borrow your wonderful lemons for making the photo, mine are not finished yet …


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