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Review Optimum 700 advanced cold-press juicer and a Cavalo nero juice


Some time ago I received a Froothie’s Review Optimum 700 advanced cold-press juicer. After a few weeks of using the machine, I’m ready to write a first review with my findings including a small recipe for a simple and mild green juice. 

I’m a beginner with juicing at home. For years I have spent a fortune on buying fresh green juices in bars and dreaming of a juicer on my own. Now I had the chance to try it out!

A few tips from one beginner to another:

1. Don’t put away your juicer in a cub board – then you probably won’t use it…
2. Don’t add too many ingredients in one juice (~3). Keep the taste clean.
3. Clean with water in between if you want to make more kind of juices with the same strainer. You don’t have to separate the parts every time in between. This will save you time.
4. Learn how to drink the green juices, take it step by step. Not everything has to be perfect at once.
5. Juicing is a nice way of adding more veggies to your diet. Because of the “green” taste, it can be very tempting to only or mostly add fruit. Remember the more greens,the better! A great guide line is that every juice should contain of about 70-80 % greens leaves and vegetables.
6. Buy vegetables and fruit in season, that way you get a variety and keep the costs low.

Review Optimum 700 advanced cold-press juicer

The juicer includes 3 different strainers making it possible to juice everything!
When using the coarse strainer I can juice soft fruits and vegetable such as strawberries and tomatoes.
With the fine strainer I do all my green juices with vegetables, green leaves and hard fruit. They contain more fibers and with using this strainer I get a smoother result.
Finally with the homogenising strainer I grind dry and hard food such as almonds and even coffee beans. ‘ possible to make nice cream with it!

A wide opening
After reading lots of reviews for other juicers I understood that the opening is of great importance. Now I know why… The opening for 700 advanced is wide enough for simply just popping in an apple or two without cutting it. Wow, that really saves some time!

The sound
Another important issue is the noise any blender or juicer is making. Making nut butter in my  high speed blender at 7 clock in the morning is not to be recommended by my neighbors. But this one? It’s so quit! Even when making the nut butter you hardly hear it.  A relief for me, my husband and the neighbors probably.

The pulp
Of course when making any juice, you will need vegetables and/or fruit. The amount you will need depends on the amount of moisture in the veggies. Cucumber and apples contains lots of moisture and different kinds of kales or fennel less…  I’m impressed with the small amounts of pulp that are produced when making the juices. Of course I prefer lots of juice and little waste.

The cleaning
Wow, this was the thing that I had to get used to…  Every time juicing, you have 8 different items to clean. But! After doing it a few times, you learn where to look and how to do it. It really doesn’t take that much time after al.
Important to remember is to do the cleaning immediately after the use. If not, it can be very difficult to get rid of al small fibers from the veggies.

The assembling
Read the user’s manual. I didn’t at first and oh boy was I punished. I took me 30 minutes and lots of sweat before I got it working the first times… Stupid. My new routine is after cleaning and drying, assembling the juicer immediately. The result is less space and ready to use for the next time. No excuses.

Final impression
It took me some time to get used to the juicing but now I just simply love it. I actually use it every day and feel more energetic every day. Happy as a gal!

Some last thoughts; don’t make it too difficult for yourself. Enjoy all the new possibilities a juicer is providing! Try the machine in many different ways, with different ingredients, and strainers  etc. A new world will open!


Cavalo nero juice

I really like Cavalo nero cabbage. It is a cabbage with a refined taste. Milder than other kinds of cabbage but with all the good stuff in it. What better way then to add it to my first green juice? The recipe below is a very kind version of a green juice but if you still miss something sweet to it, just add an apple to your juicer. Let’s get to work!

Cavalo nero juice

5 leaves of Cavalo nero (cleaned and kept whole)
1 cucumber (cleaned and cut in pieces of approx 5 cm)

How do I do it?
1. Prepare the juicer: assemble the juicer with the fine strainer, place the pulp and juice container. Close the smart cap before starting.
Plug in the juicer and start.
2. Add the kale leaves one by one. When done, add the pieces of cucumber to the juicer.
3. Open the smart cap and collect the juice. Pour in a nice glass. If preferred, add some ice cubes to the juice. This will give a less “green” taste to it.
4. Clean your juicer immediately.

More recipes made with the Optimum 700 advanced juicer cold-press juicer will be posted within short!

Name: Optimum 700 advanced juicer cold-press juicer
Brand: Froothie
Function: coldpress slow juicer
Where do I buy it? www.froothie.com


This post is written in collaboration with Froothie. The findings and thoughts are however  completely my own.


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