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Smoothie bowl with taste of summer


I can’t wait for the summer to come but while waiting I make this smoothie bowl with taste of summer! 


It’s April and sunny here in Holland, the smell of spring and summer is in the air. With the day my breakfast habits are changing from a yearning for porridge and bread to light smoothies and fresh, crunchy vegetables. Funny to see how its changing with the season. Do you experience the same at home?

This smoothie bowl is so easy to make! Just add everything to the mixer and give it a good whip in a blender. Pour it into a bowl and add your favorite toppings. Some ideas could be nuts and seeds, granola, cereals, fresh or dried fruit, superfood powder or raw cacao nibs.

For the photo I kept some of the mixed smoothie on the side and mixed it with freeze-dried berries. I then could make pretty shapes in the smoothie bowl with it. Takes a few more minutes to make but hey, a bit of extra attention makes everything prettier!
Maybe you can make a morning for someone else just slightly better with your attention?
Let’s get to work!


Smoothie with taste of summer

1 peeled banana (if you like a cold, more milkshake like smoothie, slice it and freeze for minimum 4 hours before)
2 fresh (blood-) oranges, peeled and cut in four parts
2 dried figs (cut the hard part from the dried figs)
approximately 250 gram / 2,5 dl plant-based mylk of your choice (I prefer almond milk)

How do I do it?
1. Prepare the fruit and figs.
2. Add the mylk to the mixer and the other ingredients on top (by doing it in this order, it makes it easier for the mixer to run).
3. Mix until you have a nice smoothie for your smoothie bowl. If you prefer to drink it, you just add some more mylk to it and if you like to make a smoothie bowl, keep it rather thick.
4. Pour the thick smoothie in a bowl and add your favorite toppings.

This recipe is free from lactose, soya and gluten.


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