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Salad with quinoa, fresh figs and mustard dressing

The other evening I wanted to sneak up something fast for dinner. It became a delicious salad with quinoa, fresh figs and mustard dressing!


BBQ bijbel and 3x tasty herb butters

The summer is the prime time for BBQ! Julius Jaspers, a well-known chef in the Netherlands knows that. He, a big enthusiast for barbecuing, have in the book BBQ bijbel collected al his knowledge about the subject. And I must say, it really covers everything!


Aquafaba garlic mayonnaise

This post is actually just a anthem to the good mayonnaise, this time an aioli of or should I just call it Aquafaba garlic mayonnaise? Aquafaba is a fancy word for something so not sexy, chickpea water from a can of chickpeas. So I just stay with the word aquafaba because what you can do with it is sooo sexy! A vegan mayonnaise that taste just like mayonnaise, that behaves just like a real mayonnaise and works with anything, just like a real mayonnaise.