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Vegan “meatballs” with sage, ovenbaked eggplant and salsa brava

Sometimes the best dinners are the ones that starts up with absolutely no plan what so ever. Like these vegan “meatballs” with sage, ovenbaked eggplant and salsa brava. So rich in taste!


Make your own addictive Za’atar!

There are a few herbs that you almost can get addicted to. The herbmix called za’atar is one of them. It really goes with almost everything; veggies, meat, beans, thick yoghurt or with just bread and olive oil.  You name it! 


Pumpkin with halloumi, tomato sauce and lots of flavors!

Last week, we had guests for dinner. I was doubting what to serve, my thoughts were going everywhere, unable to decide. Until an hour before the guests arrived, I still hadn’t made up my mind!