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Workshops and Swedish Christmas in the Dutch press

Help, the time is spinning too fast!
It’s happening a lot around the blog at the moment and I’m very happy to see and experience it. During some months I have gone back and forth to Sweden to give not less than six workshops. It’s so much fun giving these cooking lessons!

Together with the participants, we have been diving into new and old ingredients, flavors and textures. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts both for vegetarians and vegans . We’ve tried many recipes and more will follow!
My goal with my workshops are just focusing on really good, tasty green food. To show that with very modest means everyone can get more greens in their everyday lives. Without any pointers and discussions about health or nutrients.


I’m happy to notice that the different courses are also proved to be appreciated by the participants. Here are some of the comments I received:
“Thanks for a fantastic fun course!”
“I experienced the course as very inspiring and thought-through with ingredients from nearby”
“What an inspiring day!”
“Today’s course contained laughter, inspiration, good food and knowledge. I’m very grateful that I could join!”

Special edition about Swedish Christmas

In addition to the workshops, I was introduced in a christmas edition (89,000 copies) in a major newspaper (Haarlems Dagblad and the Telegraaf) here in the Netherlands last weekend. It became a nice center spread with me telling about Swedish Christmas and traditions, the blog, green food and of course recipes! I composed a yummy saffron fudge and a gluten-free Christmas bread, both with real Swedish flavors. Obviously, these recipes will be posted on the blog as we approach the Christmas season even more.♥


It is amazing to see what interest the Dutch have in Swedish food and the so-called “Scandinavian living”. It is noticeable not only in newspapers but also in various television programs and magazines. So much fun!

So this was a short update about my life at the moment. Besides that, there’s a hundreds of project and ideas going on. They are still a bit little secret so I will tell you more about that later!

Hope you got to enjoy some of the super moon yesterday, some minus degrees (yes, I really can miss those things overhear …) and cosy moment with lightened candles. Just seven weeks to go until Christmas!

Enjoy the hot pots and blankets and take care!

ps; Are you interested in joining the workshops with me? Keep an eye on my calendar. There you can send an inquiry or register for the workshops that are already planned. It is also possible to hire me to workshops if you have a good kitchen and a well-sized group of foodies (about 7-12 persons).
The courses can be given in Swedish, English as Dutch in both Sweden and the Netherlands.

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