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Rå matglädje and Viennese nougat


Sometimes you get a book in your hand that you wish you had written yourself. This book is one just like that. The first time I flipped through it, I didn’t know where I should look or how fast I could read everything. Everything looks so terrible good in this book! Just like the Viennese nougat that I’m making from the book…

So far I have only had the time to try the Portobello burger, pesto with chanterelle, homemade sweet chili sauce, truffle aioli, homemade corn tortillas and roti… And of course the Viennese nougat that is added to this post … This leaves me luckily enough with all the other colorful recipes to go further with.
Actually, this book was released this summer, but since it was impossible to pick out only one recipe, it took some time. Finally, I just had to  close my eyes and put a finger in the registry to decide. And then it was homemade (and a much better alternative then the regular one) Viennese nougat ! Absolutely delicious!

The author Erika Frost runs a very successful Instagram account under the name Loveliveraw. In addition, she runs her cafe Open new doors plus a restaurant, both with vegan and often raw food. She has, literally, made an exciting journey as a chef at a training ship for six years and during the long voyages experimented with food. The recipes often are inspired by the long and  various destinations but also include typical Swedish ingredients and flavors.

From the book, I have chosen a Viennese nougat. It’s really good with a rich and full-bodied chocolate flavor and the crunch from hazelnuts. In the recipe, it is mentioned that it may be difficult to the batter smooth and sure enough, there it was. I solved it by melting another amount of cocoa liquer paste and coconut oil that I added to the batter. This is not included in the original recipe but I thought that perhaps there are more than I with half discarded blender. And that shouldn’t stop us from these goodies. It’s well worth the job!


Viennese nougat

50 grams of cocoa liquer paste (ie whole cocoa bean grounded, you often find it via online stores)
4 dl / ~360 gram + 0,5-1 dl hazelnuts (peeled)
1,5 dl coconut sugar
(I added 50 grams of melted deodorized coconut oil, another 50 grams of melted cocoa liquor and a tiny pinch of salt)

How do I do it?
1. Start by melting the cocoa liquer paste in a bain au marie.
2. Mix the bigger amount of nuts to a fine flour and pour the melted cocoa liquor and sugar in blender jug. Now begins the slightly tricky part. You should mix this until you have a smooth batter but without overheating the mixer. Mix it preferably in smaller batches; mixing, allow the blender to rest, mix again and so on. In this way the nutrients will not be destroyed.
Since I had great trouble getting it together into a batter, I added some ingredients. Once added, the knifes in the blender were happy to cut the nuts in the smooth batter I wanted. Try your mixer and see what works the best.
3. When the batter is completely smooth, pour in a little square shape lined baking tray with baking parchment and add the last whole nuts to it evenly. Smooth the surface and let the Viennese nougat cool in the fridge for a while before cutting it into pieces. Keep it in the fridge.


Title Rå matglädje – vegan, luxurious and pretty damn good

Author Erika Frost
ISBN 9789113070681
Language Swedish
Publisher Norstedts

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