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Lavender; a memory of childhood, summer, graceful butterflies and all shades of blue and purple. The smell during a silent summer night. Oh!
This a herb you either love or hate to cook with, and i just love it! The subtle flavor with a hint of a punch in your face works great with chocolate,  cookies and other goodies.
My love for the taste of the beautiful flower started with a Swedish cookbook yeeaaaaars ago. A recipe with lavender and white sugar in layers that needed to sit for a number of weeks. Just opening the beautiful glass jar meant an immediate remembrance of summer and sun. Baking Italian biscuits with the drained sugar and chocolate was fantastic.
But that was in my old life, where sugar and flour was welcome. Nowadays i find new ways to add the flower to my food. No sugar or flour included, only stuff that more or less is good for me.
I’ll keep the flowers whole or grind them depending on the purpose. On my blog you can find both chocolate balls and homemade chocolate with lavender. Just give it a try, it is so good!

Some precautions to keep in mind with the the delicate taste.  Better take a smaller amount to start with and add after tasting if needed. If not, you run the risk of getting the taste of a perfume bottle in your cake.

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