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Sunny fruits, lavender and white chocolate sauce

For a dinner with dear friends last week, I made a new desert. A dessert with lovely mango, strawberries, lavender and a white chocolate sauce. It was so incredible good and luckily I had made way too much so that each one could take a second portion. On those moments you are extra happy that you have a blog to share your best recipes on hihi!

Chocolate and lavender balls

In Sweden we are all brought up with chocolate balls. I believe it is the first cake you often are allowed to make on your own for your parents if you are about five years old. Chokladbullar.


Lavender; a memory of childhood, summer, graceful butterflies and all shades of blue and purple. The smell during a silent summer night. Oh! This a herb you either love or hate to cook with, and i just love it! The subtle flavor with a hint of a punch in your face works great with chocolate,  cookies and other goodies.