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Green asparagus with poached eggs and truffle

Happy Easter! Finally the light is coming back. Tulips are finding their way up through the wet, black soil and there is hope for a bright summer again. What better way to celebrate Easter with then eating fresh green asparagus with poached eggs and truffle? It looks rather elegant on a set table and the taste is delicate, a pure joy for each one around the table. No reason to mess around, let’s just get started, right! Green asparagus with poached eggs and truffle 2 persons Ingredients A bunch (or two!) of green asparagus 4 eggs 1 tbs neutral oil 1 tbs good quality truffle oil A few small pinches of (Maldon) salt How do I do it? 1. Prepare 2 pans with water, 1 big for the asparagus and 1 smaller for the eggs. Let it come to cook. 2. Prepare 1 smaller bowl with a thin plastic film, it should be a piece of about 30-40 cm big square. Cover the bowl with the film and add just a few drips of neutral oil …