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Toast with cheese sauce, cherry relish and sichuan pepper

As a food blogger and recipe developer you almost always have a well-filled refrigerator. Many recipes needs to be cooked, refined and then cooked a second or even a forth time. Today I had some nice leftovers from my cheese sauce and cherry relish waiting for magic. Together they form todays crispy toast with cheese sauce, cherry relish and sichuan pepper.


4 yummy creamy salad dressings

A dressing or a vinaigrette can make or break any green leaves or veggies. Today I serve 4 yummy creamy salad dressings for your coming salads. Just mix up and serve.

Pepper is hot!

When talking about tastebuds, pepper is not to be forgotten. So many peppers in the world: green, black, white. Pink pepper. Spanish (pimento) and cayenne pepper. Sichuan pepper. Even wild pepper… Plus a number of more. The world is to be explored when it comes to pepper! Some hot and some smokey. Some of them almost ingratiating. With their own personality and handbook.