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Heavenly, bitter chocolate mousse

Tomorrow it is the last day of the year 2015. Of course it should be celebrated! If you have planned a dinner with friends and family, you need a grand dessert. Something you can prepare in advance, that doesn’t ask too much effort and doesn’t cost a fortune. I have the answer for you – rich and bitter chocolate mousse!


Avocado ice cream with mint and chocolate sauce

If someone would have mentioned a recipe for ice cream made of mainly avocado a few years ago, I would have been thinking he/she was a lunatic. Luckily people change and so do I. I hope you are ready for it as well!

Sunday treat with pumpkin muffin

It’s Sunday afternoon, its almost the end of september 2015. You have been good all week doing your workouts, you are well prepared for the coming week, you have been kind to your children/ husband/wife (pick an appropriate alternative). Now it is finally you-time!