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Vegarabia / New feast by Greg and Lucy Malouf


There is something exciting about the Middle East and their food. So far from my own references and heritage but so interesting. I want to learn more about it, their spices and way of cooking intrigues me! Vegarabia (Dutch title) or New feast (English title) is the latest book in my bookshelf in this specific area. To be honest I have rather many standing with the same theme there but with just watching the outside of the book, I knew I had to have it!. Golden and turquoise, just look at it, beautiful!

But reviews should be more about the inside rather than outside I’ve heard… So. The book promise vegetarian recipes from the middle east. Does it deliver? Oh yes! The book is full of them. From small “tapas” to bread, brunch, soup, oven baked dishes and desserts. All vegetarian but with rather a lot of milk-products (labne, sour cream, cheese, full cream etc) used. And a huge miss recommending gelatin in more than one of the recipes… Whoops. Vegetarian?

But further, the book is fabulous! Beautiful photos with use of inspiring herbs and spices, easygoing recipes and small, informative anecdotes introducing each recipe. Not too much text but just enough to get inspired. Even for someone looking for inspiration without gluten, less lactose and carbs, there is much to be discovered. On my to do list so far: the butter with blanched almonds, saffron and orange water, Wintertaboulé (that I of course intend to make with something else then gluten-full bulgur) and green beans with chermoula. Just to start with. Recipe and photos coming soon!

ENG  9781742708423    New feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian Buy it via Amazon.com
NL     9789461431240    Vegarabia: vegetarische recepten uit het Midden-Oosten
The book is not translated to Swedish.

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