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Healthy chocolate fudge with dates and ice chocolate

This Christmas isn’t like any other Christmas for me. It is the first one without my father that passed away earlier this year. I’m busy going along the memory lane and the normal Christmas feeling have difficulties to find its way through.
Luckily I get reality checks through my sisters children and they remind me about the importance of making Christmas candy, a yearly tradition. And of course we should! Probably they would like to go the full sugar rush (and I will have trouble stopping them) but that doesn’t mean that I have to go the same way right?
Here are two simple and great recipes to satisfy the sweet tooth. They are not low carb but very low in sugar even though I’ve used both dried dates and some honey. We al make our choices and I came to the conclusion that I will eat at bit more liberal during Christmas. January will call me back for my good habits again. What’s your thinkings to handle the Christmas?

In the recipes I have used coconut oil, a healthy alternative to butter or any other oils for that matter. Are you interested to read more about coconut oil? Read this article, click here!

Let’s get to work!

Chocolate fudge with dates (vegan)Ingredients for about 30 pieces 2x1cm

100 gram dates (preferably Medjoul dates)
50 gram hazelnut or almond flour
50 gram melted deodorized coconut oil
2,5 spoon (raw) cacao
1 small pinch of Maldon salt

For decoration: toasted pumpkin seeds and some cacao

How do I do it?
1. Add the pumpkin seeds to a dry skillet and roast them until golden. Toss them around to avoid burning, it goes quickly! When ready, pour them over in a separate bowl and let it cool off while making the fudge.
2. Pit the dates and add them to a high mixer bowl. Melt the coconut oil.
3. Add all ingredients part from the pumpkin seeds and mix until you have a smooth, light brown sticky paste.
4. Prepare a smaller baking tray with a oven paper and pour the paste in the tray. Make the paste flat using your hands, it should be about 1/2 cm thick.
5. Dust the paste with the roasted pumpkin seeds and maybe a thin layer cacao. Press with your hand to make it stick.
6. Set the tray in the freezer for about 1,5 hour. Cut the fudge in smaller squares and enjoy it whenever.
7. Keep the fudge in the freezer if not finished immediately.

Ice chocolate
Makes about 30 pieces
You need 30 small, individual, preferably metal molds to pour and store the chocolate in.

50 gram melted deodorized coconut oil
50 gram raw cacao butter
10 gram / 1 tsk whisky
10 gram / 1 mask (raw) cacao
10 gram honey
A few flakes of Maldon salt
1 egg

For decoration:
35 gram roasted cashew and pistachio nuts
15 dried blueberries

How do I do it?
1. Add the nuts to a dry skillet and roast them until golden. Toss them around to avoid burning, it goes quickly! When ready, pour them over in a separate bowl and let it cool off while making the chocolate. Chop the nuts in smaller pieces.
2. Melt the coconut oil and cacao butter in a small pan on low heat.
3. When melted, add the cacao, whiskey and honey and whisk until smooth. Let it cool off for a few minutes.
4. Whisk the egg with a fork in a separate bowl and add it to the mix in the pan. Whisk carefully so that the mix really gets equal and smooth. If the mix in the pan is too hot, the egg will clot so be careful!
5. Pour carefully the thick fluid into the separate metal molds. Decorate with the chopped nuts and/or some dried blueberries. Place in the freezer until hard.
6. Keep the chocolate in the freezer if not finished immediately. They softened fast when in room temperature.

Lactose free ice chocolate

Lactose free ice chocolate



  1. jane betts says

    We enjoyed both the choccolate mousse and christmas fudge and sweet, wish we were there to taste a specially the mousse. It looks delicious.

    SUS and JANE in Sweden

  2. Dearest Sus and Jane, Im happy that you enjoyed the treats! Thank you for your kind words. xx Isabel

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