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Vego in 30 minutes + cauliflower with tandoori and lentil rice


Today I write a review about the Swedish cookbook Vego in 30 minutes by Ylva Bergqvist. From the book I make delicious cauliflower with tandoori and lentil rice!
Ok so we want to eat more green food. Sounds great. But how do we change our habits easily so that it works in a everyday life? The recipe maker, food stylist and chef Ylva Bergqvist decided to help us!
She has created a book with tasty photos and quick recipes for great dinners – all of which will take maximum up to half an hour to fix. Perfect for any household, even in this house haha! Even though I work with food all day (or maybe specially for that reason), my inspiration sometimes is depressing low when it comes to the everyday food. Every day the same question pops up, what should we eat today? I guess I’m not the only one …

The book contains recipes with inspiration from all over the world; Italy, Middle East, Asia and Mexico.  A colorful combination of vegetables and ingredients from your usual grocery store and combined into new food adventures! Simple but full of fun details.
For example, make a browned caper butter for the pasta next time, Im sure the tomato sauce will be more exciting! Or make melon marinated in ginger as a nice accessory to an Asian inspired dish? Or why not try making a “pulled pork” with oyster mushrooms?
Yes, I’m inspired! Fun food that’s easy to make!
I I’m not sure if it’s always true with the maximum 30 minutes but the more experienced home chef you are (or the more you will try making the recipes), the faster you get the food on the table.

The recipes contain eggs, milk products and honey and are therefore vegetarian but the author always provide tips on how to make it vegan. In addition, there are also tips on what to do with any leftover. That way you get two dinners in one catch. Perfect for getting a even faster dinner the second day or a lunch.

Cauliflower with tandoori and lentil rice

Now to the recipe I have chosen from the book, I made cauliflower with tandoori and lentil rice. A colorful dinner with delicious flavors!
The yellow rice and the coconut cream are real winners that also works perfect to combine with a lot of dishes, think of a casserole or soup maybe.
The cauliflower is in the book baked in smaller pieces in the oven, but I took the liberty of baking the cauliflower whole in the oven with the result that the dinner took more than an hour to get on the table. Don’t try that at home if you are in rush!
I who actually don’t use red peppers that often, always keep one in the freezer instead. It works perfectly to grate finely just out of the freezer, it looks fancy and I always have it fresh at hand when needed. Perhaps a tip for someone with similar red pepper habits?
Of course, I used my homemade tandoori spice blend when making the recipe, but a good quality blend from the store works of course just as well.
The dinner looked amazing with all its color and tasted great. I will definitely make this one again!


Cauliflower with tandoori and lentil rice

4 servings
1 can of coconut cream, about 400 grams
2 dl basmati rice
1 teaspoon of grounded tumeric
1 cauliflower, about 800 grams
1.5 tablespoons tandoori spice blend (homemade taste even better!)
1 lime
2 dl cooked green lentils
rapeseed oil

Nut and chili sprinkles
1 dl salted and roasted cashew nuts
A bunch of cilantro
1 red pepper

How do I do it?
1. Preheat the oven at 225 ° C and place a baking sheet in the oven.
2. Spoon the thick coconut cream out of the jar and place it in a bowl. Measure the thinner coconut water and add it a pan. Fill up with water so that the total amount of liquid fits with the cooking instructions of the rice. Add rice and turmeric and season with salt. Boil the rice as instructed on the package.
3. Take off the green leaves from the cauliflower and put in a bowl. Break or cut the rest of the cauliflower into small bouquets.
Put them in another bowl, season with tandoori spices, salt and sprinkle some oil on top. Place the cauliflower pieces on the hot baking sheet and place it in the oven for 10 minutes.
4. Mix the green cauliflower leaves with some oil.
Place them on the plate and bake in the oven for another 5-10 minutes until they have a nice color.
5. Cut half of the lime into wedges. Grind the peel finely on the other half and squeeze out the juice. Whisk the remaining coconut cream and add the lime juice and peel. Season with salt.
6. Chop the cashew nuts roughly and shred the cilantro including the stalks. Cut the red pepper. Mix everything together.
7. Blend the rice with the lentils.
8. Serve the cauliflower with the rice, drizzle the lime coconut cream and sprinkle the cashew nuts, cilantro and red pepper on top. Serve with the lime wedges.

This recipe is free from gluten and lactose. It contains nuts but they can be skipped (as I did).

Vego in 30 minutes –
100 recipes for a greener everyday life

Ylva Bergqvist
ISBN 9789174247428
Publisher Bonnier fakta
Language: Swedish


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