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Virgin Mango Bellini


Just when you thought the summer began to run out, I turn up with a summer-like virgin mango Bellini! Easy to make and filled with taste.

Mango is of course tasty al year through, but at least here in Holland you can get them slightly cheaper at the moment meaning a perfect opportunity to enjoy some extra in other words.

Fresh mango tastes great with raw cocoa nibs, nuts and almonds of various kinds, coconut, lime, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, fresh mint, ginger and chili to name just a few …
It can be used both for starters, hot dishes and desserts.
And of course different smoothies and other drinks like today in my mango bellini.
Fresh, bubbly, a little bit spicy thanks to the ginger and with a balanced sweetness from the green lime. Cheers!


Virgin Mango Bellini

Makes 2-3 glasses
1 ripe mango
1 lime
1-2 cm fresh, grated ginger
Cold sparkling water and/or coconut water
(Possibly a few drops of agave)

How do I do it?
1. Peel the mango and cut the meat from the big kernel.
2. Add the sliced ​​mango into a mixing bowl. Squeeze the juice of a lime. Peal the ginger and cut it into smaller pieces. Add both lime and ginger together with the mango to the mixing bowl and mix it well.
3. Season the puree with possibly more lime and ginger if needed. Depending on the sweetness of the mango, you also might need to add some extra sweetness with a drop or two of maple syrup or agave.
Mix again and pour everything in a wired sieve. Pass the puree through the sieve to make sure you don’t get any threads of ginger or mango in your purée.
4. Select a few snappy glasses and add some spoons of mango puree in each glass.
Fill up the glasses with cold mineral water and/or coconut water (you choose yourself, both works really well  I think!) and mix with a spoon.
Decorate each glass with a slice of lime, cut ginger or fresh berries.

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