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Preserved lemons

Since only a few years I know the Moroccan (or turkish) preserved lemons. It’s an important spice in both kitchens and you often see it different tagines (simply explained as slow cooked stews in a special clay pot). I tend to add the salty lemons to salads and really like to combine them with roasted hazelnuts. Let me introduce you to the world of the salty, preserved lemons!


Make your own addictive Za’atar!

There are a few herbs that you almost can get addicted to. The herbmix called za’atar is one of them. It really goes with almost everything; veggies, meat, beans, thick yoghurt or with just bread and olive oil.  You name it! 


Did you try the white miso?

Did you try miso, and even more did you try the white miso?

Top 5: Enjoy your fresh herbs longer!

As a foodie, you probably love fresh herbs just like I do. Full of taste and colors they make every plate beautiful and add that extra oumpf to your dish every time. Probably you also have ended up with some sad, hanging herbs in your refrigerator once or twice. Herbs that you can’t use anymore and just ending up in the bin. Such a waste. I have the same problem but luckily I have thought of some solutions how to deal with it. Are you interested? Here is my Top5 to enjoy your fresh herbs longer! 1. Herb oil Blend your fresh herbs with olive oil, salt and maybe some garlic depending  on how you would like to use it in the end. Decide for yourself it you prefer it rough with a texture or smooth as green oil. Easy as that. Making the oil works perfect with leaf parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, rosemary, chervil, mint… You name it! The ready-made oil can be used as part of your salad dressing, to spice up your omelette, to sprinkle on …


The magic sesame seed

Today I have chosen the sesame seed as the tastebud in the spotlight. Such a small seed but with so many possibilities!

Black garlic

Fresh, French, smoked and black garlic

During the past weekend I convinced my beloved husband to go on garlic hunt! No, we didn’t literally pick them but instead I hunted them down in the city and the surroundings. The catch comes here, a post only about garlic.


Cabbage and kale

Autumn and winter are really the seasons for al different kinds of cabbage and kale. In my family, we hardly had any of these veggies on our dinner table when I was a child. My mother didn’t like the smell, nor the taste. In other words, discovering the world of kale has been more or less an adventure in later years for me. But boy, do I catch up for lost time! 

Pepper is hot!

When talking about tastebuds, pepper is not to be forgotten. So many peppers in the world: green, black, white. Pink pepper. Spanish (pimento) and cayenne pepper. Sichuan pepper. Even wild pepper… Plus a number of more. The world is to be explored when it comes to pepper! Some hot and some smokey. Some of them almost ingratiating. With their own personality and handbook.


Lavender; a memory of childhood, summer, graceful butterflies and all shades of blue and purple. The smell during a silent summer night. Oh! This a herb you either love or hate to cook with, and i just love it! The subtle flavor with a hint of a punch in your face works great with chocolate,  cookies and other goodies.