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Cabbage and kale


Autumn and winter are really the seasons for al different kinds of cabbage and kale. In my family, we hardly had any of these veggies on our dinner table when I was a child. My mother didn’t like the smell, nor the taste. In other words, discovering the world of kale has been more or less an adventure in later years for me. But boy, do I catch up for lost time! 

Kale is good for you; cheap, long-lasting and a real climate hugger. It contains lots of vitamin C, calcium, beta carotene, iron and fibre. But what do you really do with it 2015? Instead of focusing on al the positive health side effects (we al know them right?), i want to focus on what you can do with the veggies. What tastebuddies go along with what? Let’s go through the different kinds of kale and cabbage to see where the real love can be found!
Recipes to each kale and cabbage will be added.

Red cabbage
A beautiful cabbage with its intense colour. Is harvest both during summer and winter. Can be used raw in salads, casseroles, woks and stews.
In the Netherlands, the red cabbage is often cooked together with  spices like cinnamon, clove and ginger and combined with an apple. In Sweden it is often eaten for christmas or with wild meat dishes during the winter months.
Tastebuddies for this beauty: toasted nuts of all kind, fresh herbs, lemon, orange and sesame oil.

White cabbage
A great cabbage despite it’s pale 70’s sauerkraut reputation (at least in Sweden that is!). Can be used raw in salads, casseroles, woks, grilled (if pre-cooked), soup and stews. Due to its neutral taste, you can do almost anything with it!
Tastebuds to create a match in heaven; mushrooms, goat cheese, nuts, lemon, garlic, apple, capers and bacon.

Cavalo Nero (Black cabbage)
Beautiful dark green, long leaves! Can be eaten raw, in woks, carefully boiled or in oven dishes.
Often used in the Italian kitchen. In recent years found it’s more common way up north.
Tastebuds to go with this cabbage could be pecorino, goat cheese, lemon, smoked bacon and garlic.
Wrap with cabbage and egg
Warm pumpkin soup served with pesto made of black cabbage

Chinese cabbage

A cabbage you often see and taste in (who would have guessed?) the Chinese kitchen. Crunchy but easily reasonable when in the pan. Can preferably be enjoyed raw and in woks.
The tastebuds garlic, parsley, eggs, soya works perfect with this cabbage.
Dumplings my way

Pointed cabbage
Love this cabbage! Crunchy and with a mild taste with a mouthfeel of butter. So easy too cook with, a great beginners cabbage! Enjoy it raw, in woks and stews. Can also be grilled if pre-cooked.
Tastebuddies for this goodie; real butter, curry, garlic, parsley, cream, lemon zest and juice, hazelnuts and bacon.
Pointed cabbage with lemon, parmesan and butter (LCHF)

Savoy cabbage
Beautiful dark, curly green leaves. Mild taste. Can be used raw in salads, casseroles, woks and stews.
The savoy cabbage can not be stored and should therefore be enjoyed fresh at it’s best.
Tastebuds to party along; bacon (yes!), cream, parmesan, leaf parsley.
Dumplings my way

If there is any kale to be called hip, this must be the one! The green, curly big leafed kale had a real boost when we realized that it could be mixed together with our morning juice some years ago but there is so much more to do with it. Part from raw, you can also enjoy it in a casserole, wok and stews. And of course in crisps!
Tastebuds to go along with this big buddy is pear, apple, different kinds of nuts, lemon, cream, garlic, bacon and rich dry cheeses.

Brussels sprouts
Don’t overcook with them for goodness sake! They should have a vitality and crunch when eaten. Enjoy them raw in salads, casseroles, woks, gratins and stews.
Tastebuds to match the rather powerful taste; bacon, hazelnuts, lemon and hard flavorsome cheeses.

Pak choi

Thick, light, dark green, oval, long and decorative leaves. Crunchy with a mild taste. Can be used raw in salads, woks and stews.
Easy to combine with al different kind of tastebuds; parsley, coriander, lemon, flaky salt. Just don’t let the tastebuds take over the game completely!

Such a diverse veggie! Beloved within LCHF due to its low carb. Mild, delicate taste kindly offering to be mixed and combined.
Enjoy the cauliflower raw, cooked as well in the oven as in a stew or in a wok. Don’t forget to eat the leaves around and the rootstock!
Tastebuds for a perfect marriage with cauliflower could be curry, truffle, saffron, chili, garlic, walnuts, cream, lemon cest, parsley.
Side dish with cauliflower leaves and truffel tapenade
Nut- and gluten free quiche with salmon



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