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Delicious mushroom paté

I like to have a sandwich every now and then but have been struggling with finding good spreads that stands up to my requirements. It should be really good to eat (obviously!), shouldn’t be from a package, preferably vegan and of course also low carb. Difficult combination. But challenges are to be adopted! This is one of the spreads that I created so far. A delicious mushroom paté.
For this recipe I have combined both fresh and dried mushrooms to get as much umami taste as possible. I even added some kelp (seaweed) and tamari to get the full flavor. The result is a rich paté suitable for a sandwich or crackers.
And you know what the best part is? If you happen to get fed up with paté (yes, it could happen); you can either just add a suitable milk of choice (cashew, pistachios, almond…) and mix it. That way you get a great (and very easy-going) soup.
Another alternative would be to mix the paté to a completely soft paste, spread it out on a baking tray and let it dry it on a low temperature in the oven. When ready, you have wonderful mushroom crackers. Yum!

Let’s get to work!

Mushroom paté
Makes a batch of about 3 cups. When kept in an airtight container, you can keep it up till 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

100 gram raw cashew nuts + soaking water
250 gram brown forest mushrooms
10 grams of dried porcini + hot soaking water
1 big yellow onion
1,5 tbs deodorized coconut oil + 1 tbs for later
A tiny pinch of grounded kelp
A tiny splash of Tamari
Salt and pepper
4-6 tsp of the soaking water from the dried porcini
A handful of curly parsley

How do I do it?
1. Soak the cashew nuts in cold water for about 4-8 hours. Drain the nuts when ready to cook.
2. Pour boiling water on the dried porcini in a small cup. Let it soak for about 30 minutes.
3. Finely chop the fresh mushrooms and onion.
4. Bake the mushrooms in a dry skillet for 5 minutes, this is to get rid of al water that are hiding inside.
5. Add 1,5 tbs coconut oil and cut onion to the skillet and let it bake on low heat until soft.
6. Finely shop the soaked porcini and add it to the other vegetables in the pan. Don’t throw the soaking water away!
7. Add a good pinch of salt and pepper to the skillet and stir well.
8. Add 4 tsp of the soaking water from the porcini to your mixer. Be sure to leave the settlings, there is always a lot of “dirt” hiding that you don’t want in your dish.
9. Pour half of the baked mushrooms, 1 tbs of coconut oil and al soaked cashew nuts to the mixer. Mix until you have an equal paste. You might have to push down the ingredients a few times during the mixing. Add extra soaking water from the porcini if needed.
10. Be sure to season well with salt, tamari and kelp and mix it again.
11. Pour over in a bowl and fold in the other half of the mushrooms in the paste, This way you get a rough structure that gives a nice mouthfeel. Add also a handful of finely chopped curly parsley for the color and taste.

This recipe is free from gluten, sugar and lactose.
It is suitable for vegans, paleo and LCHF diet.

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