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Mini pancakes with beetroot and sauce with horseradish


For today’s lunch, I made tasty mini pancakes with beetroot and sauce with horseradish. I thought you might want the recipe too?

More veggies on the table and this time it’s beetroot. Talking about beetroot, there seems to be some kind of love or hate realtion for many to this veggie in specific. It’s slightly earthy, sweet taste doesn’t form everyones favorite taste. Or they just didn’t had the amazing taste sensation of freshly brought up beetroot, lightly cooked and served with butter and flakey sea salt…
That and some boiled potatoes, green leaves and a homemade aioli are all that’s needed to take me back to the childhoods evergreen sunny summers.

I still can so much enjoy the moment watching the beets with their beautiful blast lying on the kitchen table. A feeling of something special that will happen. It could be an appetizer, a main course or a dessert.
The beetroot can be best friends with both chocolate and raspberry as well as a tangy marinade. They can blossom like crispy chips or add their amazing color into a homemade bread. They can create a power juice or simply be part of a colorful salad. Or they may end up in my mini pancakes.

Teff flour

I’ve made my pancakes with the amazing teff flour. Teff is gluten free and a great source for a lot of good things for our bodies. In addition, it has a neutral flavor that is fun to work with in bread (such as this baked Crunchy chia-walnut bread baked in a pan or this Crispbread with teff and seeds.
To make the pancake batter slightly firmer I added tapioca flour, which in this case replace the eggs in “common” pancakes.

Finally I added a simple sauce flavored with grated horseradish that goes really well with the beetroots.
The sauce itself I made with pine nuts that are really easy to work with. No soaking needed and soft enough to make a creamy sauce with only using a simple rod mixer.

Let’s get to work!


Mini pancakes with beetroot and sauce with horseradish

Makes about 20 mini pancakes
2 dl / 100 grams of creamy coconut milk (or other plant based creamy milk)
140 grams of grated fresh beetroot
2 dl / 120 gram of teff flour
2 dl / 120 grams of tapioca flour
2 tbsp olive oil
Herb salt, as much as you like

A neutral oil to bake in

How do I do it?
1. Add and mix all ingredients in a high mixing bowl. Mix until you have a smooth and even batter. Leave the batter for five minutes to puff slightly.
2. Prepare a suitable frying pan for your pancakes and add some oil to bake in. Pour in the batter and bake mini pancakes on rather low heat until they are getting some color. It’s time to turn the pancakes when the batter is no longer shining on the upper side. When finished, the pancakes should have a crisp outside and a soft inside.
3. Place the ready baked pancakes on a plate and continue baking until the batter is finished.
4. Serve the pancakes warm just as they are or with different toppings. I served mine with green baby cabbage leaves, some fresh beetroot and a horseradish sauce with pine nuts (see recipe below). Some roasted seeds could also be a great finish touch!

Sauce with pine nuts and horseradish

1 dl pine nuts
Some olive oil
The juice of half a lemon
A small clove of garlic
about 1 teaspoon of finely grated ​​horseradish (fresh or ready-made)
Salt and pepper
(possibly a few teaspoons of cold plant based  cream of rice, soya or oats)

How do I do it?
1. Pour the pine nuts into a high mixing bowl. Add the other ingredients and blend until you have a smooth cream. Season with salt and pepper.
If it’s difficult to get the cream even, add a few teaspoons of cold plant based  cream and continue mixing until you have a smooth sauce.

This recipe is free of gluten, lactose and refined sugar.



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