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Oven baked celeriac with smoked garlic butter


Baking a complete celeriac is such rewarding task on a Sunday afternoon! While in the oven, you can do al nice things you can think of for the weekend and once back you have a soft, juicy and very tasty vegetarian (side-)dish. Just slice it up and enjoy it with the garlic butter and a fresh salad. Some roasted hazelnuts on top completes the dish. If you are more into meat, combine it with your Sunday steak. If there happend to be any left over from the smoked garlic butter: enjoy it with your squash noodles, on your bread, roasted vegetables or anything that needs a smokey touch to it. If you can’t mange to find the nice smoked garlic, just use normal one and take some more of the smoked pepper to get the smokiness you are looking for.
That it cost almost nothing to buy or prepare the celeriac, is just a great side effect that makes you have even more to spend for fun things in the weekend :0)

Let’s get to work!

Ovenbaked celeriac with smoked garlic butter
1 celeriac (rotselleri)
A foil sheet

How do I do it?
1. Set the oven on 175º C.
2. Clean the celeriac from any dirt. Dry the outside with a towel or paper.
3. Fold the complete and unpeeled celeriac into a foil sheet. See that it is completely covered.
4. Place the celeriac on a tray and place it in the oven  for about 2 hours or until soft through and through. Prepare the butter for the serving later.

Smoked garlic butter
100 gram unsalted butter
10 gram/ 2 garlic gloves of smoked garlic
Chipotle chili
Smoked red pepper (Pimenton Dulce)
Maldon salt

How do I do it?
1. Keep the butter outside the refrigerator to get a soft structure.
2. Grate the garlic and add to the butter.
3. Add the spices and mix it al together with a fork or a hand mixer. Taste it, does it need more salt, chili etc?
4. When satisfied, roll up the butter in plastic and create a long, round “sausage” from the butter. Place in the freezer until serving.

Serve the baked celeriac warm with the melting butter to go with it. You can either serve the celeriac in slices or in wedges. Cut the celeriac open at the table, it is nice for your guests to see the ruff outside and the absolute soft inside open. Enjoy!




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