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Nopi by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully


Just to get it out there, I am and was already a fan of Ottolenghi. That the new book Nopi also should find it’s way into my bookcase was more a question about when rather then if.
The books are a must for any foodie looking for (more) taste and new inspiration in every dinner. Nopi is not an exception.

The big difference between the earlier books Plenty, Jeruzalem and Plenty more, is the complexity according to the author. Every recipe is indeed with several various elements and often time consuming activities with waiting time in between. And yes, that makes it a bit more complicated but if you look at it from another side, that also means that you can pick parts of the recipes and mix them as you prefer yourself. And time has never brought any bad news to great taste.

Just looking at the cover with it’s clean design and golden pages makes me eager to open and read! The photos have a totally different looks then the other books, more planned and styled. Each dish on a plate rather then the “straight on”-tray as earlier. Less yoghurt, lemon and garlic as decoration as final tastebud.

Every recipe is introduced with a longer text about the (mediteranian) ingredients used. Very informative and often with tips about how to make the different elements easier or what you can replace an usual ingredient with. Handy if you don’t live in a bigger city with all interesting products around the corner. That brings me to the only slightly negative thing about the book. How on earth would you be able to cook from this book if you don’t live in a big, international city?! I don’t think I could make any of the recipes if I would still have been living in my old village in Sweden. But then again, this book is probably meant for food fanatics. We can walk far to get that specific miso, the freekeh, the black garlic,the fresh tamarinde, the manouri cheese or the sumak…

It’s mentioned that the restaurant Nopi is their more grown-up restaurant and the book breath the same grown-up wish. A bit more classy on the outside but still with their bold flavors and ingredients. I can’t wait to start trying out all the recipes!

Nopi (Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully)
ISBN NL: 9789059566149
ISBN UK: 9780091957162 Buy it via Amazon.com!

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