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Simple rhubarb cake with chervil sugar

Have you heard the expression “what grows at the same time, often fits together in taste”. A refreshing idea of looking at ingredients right now!  Today I therefore make a simple rhubarb cake with chervil sugar. All from my garden right now.

Since we moved back to Sweden, we have, in addition to having a small hotel and restaurant, also a large garden. We take it in small pieces but everywhere there is a project going on.
My sister helps with tips on how to cut the cherry tree, my aunt helps with nasty weed coming everywhere and my nephew helps with the grass cutting. Håkan is building a stage and Peter helps with painting. What a wonderful feeling to have so much loving people around!

My double luck is that there were already lots of plants planted in the old garden. I can’t wait for the blackcurrant and gooseberries to come, thank you Ida for planting al the goodies!
And rhubarb, a whole bunch! And next to it stands chervil, this anise-scented wonderful plant that looks like a a fern to its look. Until you pull your hand along the leaves. Then the air is filled with lovely licorice…

So today I make an almost ridiculously simple rhubarb cake. I have used fresh puff pastry  since I always seem to be in a hurry in the kitchen these days. Should you have more time and patience, you can of course make your own.

The chervil itself is sweet and can even be used as a sweetener in cakes but I have nevertheless chosen to mix the green leaves with powdered sugar. The result is a crazy green sugar with an obvious anise taste. And you know what? It marries excellently with rhubarb. Just as the expression said. From now I will look for more flavor partners that grows at the same time in my garden and in nature!

The cake with rhubarb, almond paste and chervil sugar becomes sweet and fits perfectly with a cup of strong espresso. Choose if you prefer to make it as one large cake or in portion sizes.

Simple rhubarb cake with chervil sugar

3-4 people
Chervil sugar
20 grams of fresh chervil (leaves and stalk)
1 dl / 85 grams of powdered sugar
A mini pinch of salt

How do I do it?
1. Wash the chervil and add it to a bowl together with the sugar.
2. Mix with a hand blender until completely even and you are left an extremely green sugar.
Set aside while continuing with the cake.

Rhubarb cake

250 grams of fresh rhubarb
200 grams of fresh puff pastry (if preferred,  gluten-free)
100 grams of almond paste, grated
Approximately 2 teaspoons of fruttato olive oil
(maybe a small fist of chopped hazelnuts without shell)

How do I do it?
1. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. Prepare a baking tray with baking parchment.
2. Roll out the puff pastry evenly on top of the baking parchment. Keep it whole or distribute it in portion sized servings. Cut carefully a cut around the whole dough, leaving about 1 cm out to the edge. That edge will later puff up during the baking.
3. Brush with some olive oil on the whole puff dough and most importantly on the edges. It gives it a nice crisp and shiny surface when baked.
4. Grate the almond paste and distribute it evenly on the dough inside the cut edges.
5. Peel the rhubarb if it has got a thick shell. Divide it into just even long parts (it makes no difference in taste but looks great). Maybe you also need to divide every rhubarb in the length if they have become a bit thick. Divide the rhubarb in a neat pattern on top of the almond paste. If you want some extra crunch, it will be really tasty with some roasted hazelnuts on top as well.
6. Distribute one teaspoon with chervil sugar on top of the rhubarb. Try to spread it evenly without getting it on the edges.
7. Place the baking tray in the oven and bake until the puff dough has a fine glow, it should take about 10-13 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before eating.

This recipe is free from gluten (if you use gluten-free puff pastry, lactose (check the package for puff pastry once more to be sure) and eggs.

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