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Simple rhubarb cake with chervil sugar

Have you heard the expression “what grows at the same time, often fits together in taste”. A refreshing idea of looking at ingredients right now!  Today I therefore make a simple rhubarb cake with chervil sugar. All from my garden right now.

Crispy plantain with fresh rhubarb salad

Today I combine the crispy baked plantain with a fresh rhubarb salad for lunch. The combination of the ingredients gives a crisp, fresh, a little sweet and very fresh touch to every bite.


Lovely rhubarb chutney with curry

May and June is the season for rhubarb. The gardens (and vegetable shops) are filled with them and maybe you find yourself standing wondering what the h*ck to do with them. Well, I have a suggestion for you. Make a lovely rhubarb chutney with curry. Just imagine eating this summery chutney in the winter to your stew. You will just thank your self for being so clever keeping the summer taste!


Vegan rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries

Today is not any day, today its my birthday. Even though not celebrating big, I still enjoy eating good (just like any day hihi, who am I kidding!). For today I have prepared a vegan version of a creamy pannacotta, a rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries.