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Root vegetables with fennel seeds and millet

I think that I have done this very simple dish about 5 times in the past two weeks. My dinner (or lunch for that matter) with root vegetables with fennel seeds and millet is so tasty, quickly made and filled with goodies that there’s really no reason not to make it. If you ask me ;0)

Wrap with cabbage and egg

Wrap with cabbage and egg

A few days ago, at our weekly biological market here in Haarlem, i went berserk on al the cabbage that was laying there screaming my name. I bought 4 different kinds of cabbage; pointed, Chinese , Cavalo nero and the oh so hip, green kale.

Pumpkin soup

Warm pumpkin soup served with pesto made of black cabbage

It has been raining for days here in the Netherlands. Autumn has really arrived. It is dark in the morning and even darker in the evening. Mornings are cold, the air high. The jacket has been taken out of it’s summer rest. People coughs and sniffles in the train and I dream of hot chocolate and look for new winter boots. No return, the autumn has arrived.