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Delicious pie with chickpeas and sweet potato

Can you really bake a delicious, sweet pie with chickpeas, sweet potato and pumpkin seeds? Yeah! And can you really replace eggs with chickpea flour? Yes! Gosh, I am (and you are) a lucky bird, because that’s what you get the recipe for today. An unusual and festive pie made with good stuff doing pretty good for you during Christmas.


Five vegan salad toppings that makes your heart sing!

I was thinking about salads the other day, no that’s not true, I have been thinking about salads for days now. I have been trying to figure out what it REALLY is that makes a salad taste so good. I came up with 2 things. The toppings and the dressings is what makes a salad. And summer means salad so… Today I’m all into toppings. Next time it’s all about dressings. Please call me a nerd if you like. Today I give you five vegan salad toppings that makes your heart sing!


Aquafaba garlic mayonnaise

This post is actually just a anthem to the good mayonnaise, this time an aioli of or should I just call it Aquafaba garlic mayonnaise? Aquafaba is a fancy word for something so not sexy, chickpea water from a can of chickpeas. So I just stay with the word aquafaba because what you can do with it is sooo sexy! A vegan mayonnaise that taste just like mayonnaise, that behaves just like a real mayonnaise and works with anything, just like a real mayonnaise. 


Bonen! and magnificent chickpea cake

I really like beans and lentils! And so does the Dutch author Joke Boon. She even wrote a complete book about al different kinds of beans and lentils, Bonen! (in english Beans!). She also thought of the magnificent chickpea cake that you get as a recipe of in this post. Oh do try it!