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Curry with pumpkin and tart hibiscus powder

I know. I’m slightly too early for the pumpkin season really to start but luckily you can get butternut squash al year around nowadays. This curry with pumpkin and tart hibiscus powder is such an easy recipe! Perfect for when you need something comforting, delicious and quick.  Try it today!


Lovely rhubarb chutney with curry

May and June is the season for rhubarb. The gardens (and vegetable shops) are filled with them and maybe you find yourself standing wondering what the h*ck to do with them. Well, I have a suggestion for you. Make a lovely rhubarb chutney with curry. Just imagine eating this summery chutney in the winter to your stew. You will just thank your self for being so clever keeping the summer taste!


Easy curry vegetarian and mushroom curry with coconut milk

I really like Indian food! But I hardly ever cook it myself for some reason… This cookbook can however be the solution on this: Easy curry vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey. A thick bible of 350 pages with different curry’s and other vegetarian side dishes.


Homemade paneer with pak choi and curry

Did you ever try paneer (or panir as you also see sometimes)? It is an Indian cheese that you can fry and add to al different kinds of sauces. It has a lovely crisp when fried and is a perfect vegetarian alternative when you are longing for something crunchy and filling. And the best thing, it is super easy to make yourself at home with just a few ingredients.