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Dumplings my way

Last Sunday I was in Amsterdam and the Zeedijk together with my husband. The Zeedijk is full of Chinese restaurants and shops and I always find it very inspiring to be there. The Peking ducks are hanging in the windows and the smell of 5-spices is heavy on the streets.

Quiche with salmon and veggies

Nut- and gluten free quiche with salmon

I hate to throw away food! I have even made a daily competition with myself in how I can re-use or make something new with already existing food in my refrigerator.

Pumpkin soup

Warm pumpkin soup served with pesto made of black cabbage

It has been raining for days here in the Netherlands. Autumn has really arrived. It is dark in the morning and even darker in the evening. Mornings are cold, the air high. The jacket has been taken out of it’s summer rest. People coughs and sniffles in the train and I dream of hot chocolate and look for new winter boots. No return, the autumn has arrived. 

Baked avocado

Creamy warm avocado with egg

Did you ever try avocado baked in the oven? It get’s a complete different taste when warm, actually it reminds me about baked potatoes.