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Swedish taste with beetroot and caraway mash


When I think about traditional Swedish tastebuds there are some specific herbs that comes to mind: dill, parsley, horseradish, mustard seeds (yes, it is a herb!) and caraway. All of them are very often (still) used in Swedish cooking and always bring me back to childhood and sunny memories. Today I want to give you a simple but oh so tasty, recipe for a beetroot and caraway mash. 
Caraway looks a bit like cumin but has a completely different taste. Small brownish fruits, reminding very much about seeds (but it’s not!). They have a anise-like flavor and combine very well with grained fennel seeds. In Sweden we like to combine caraway and malt syrup in soft bread, it is really to be found in any supermarket there!

When creating this recipe I had just laid my hands on a beautiful mix of different colored beetroot. I was looking for something with a bold taste but still easygoing to be mixed with other food. And fast! Why not combine the sweet beetroot with caraway?

Enjoy the mash on a sandwich, together with your salad, cheese, grilled meat, fish or vegetables. Mmmmm…

Lets get to work!

Beetroot and caraway mash
Makes a bowl of approx. 2 cups

300 gram/10,5 oz/ 3 whole beetroots (already boiled or raw)
50 gr/1,7 oz almond flour
50 gram/1,7 oz olive oil
1,5 teaspoon whole caraway seeds
Salt and pepper

How do I do it?
1. If your beetroots are raw, boil them until soft. Peel them, cut them in smaller pieces and add them to a mixer bowl.
2. Add the other ingredients and mix it until you have the texture your like. I personally prefer it a bit rough with a bite. Enjoy!

This recipe is free from gluten, lactose and sugar.
It is suitable for vegans, paleo and liberal LCHF (due to the high amount of carbs in the beetroot) diets

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