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Rutabaga purée with fresh mint


Starting to eat low carb, gluten and sugar-free have brought me a lot. Not alone did it opened my eyes for how to feel better in so many ways, but it also luckily opened my eyes for products and ingredients that I maybe would have missed otherwise. Rutabaga is a one of these. My only memory from this wonderful vegetable in my childhood is the horrible puree that we HAD to eat in school together with a disgusting, overcooked so-called wiener-sausage.  The lady helping us cut the food (yes, that is how it used to work in the Swedish cantina in schools) knew that no child ever would like this and every plate and napkin was controlled before you were allowed to leave the room. You had to finish what was on your plate… The best way to create a trauma with food in other words.

Luckily, I found my way back to rutabaga again via my lovely vegetable shop around the corner.
The dish below is sweet, crunchy and fresh. It works perfect with some baked meat, fish or just some fried vegetables and a simple sauce. Please try it out!

Let’s get to work!

Purée of rutabaga and fresh mint
1 rutabaga
A handful fresh mint
Salt (preferably Maldon) and grained white pepper
A good knob of butter (for a vegan alternative, change to margarine, oil or any vegetable milk that is suitable)
A handful of sunflowers

How do I do it?
1. Clean and peel the rutabaga. Cut it in smaller pieces and place in a pan.
2. Cover with water. Cook until soft (to takes longer then you think, +/- 30 minutes depending on how big pieces you cut.
3. Meanwhile the rutabaga is cooking, prepare the sunflower seeds.
Toast the sunflower seeds in a dry skillet. When golden brown, pour them over in a small bowl to cool off.
4. The mint: separate the leafs from its stalks and lay them the leafs on top of each other with the ends in the same direction. Roll them up like a cigar and slice it in thin slices. Throw away the last hard parts of the leafs.
5. When the rutabaga is soft, strain the water carefully. Add the butter, salt and pepper. Mix it al together with a fork or a hand mixer. I prefer a rather rough puree but you decide for yourself.
6. Add half of the mint and the sunflowers to the puree and stir it al together.
7. When serving, sprinkle the rest of the sliced mint, roasted sunflower seeds and maybe some flakey salt on top. Serve it simple as it is with a nice salad with lot of taste and maybe some cottage cheese. Enjoy!

This dish is free from gluten and sugar. For a dish without lactose, just change the butter to a lactose free alternative such as oil or margarine.
The recipe is suitable for LCHF, Paleo and vegans (see comment above).


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