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Beetroot patties with herb oil and mashed potatoes


Beetroot patties with herb oil and mashed potatoes creates a great dinner for tonight! In addition, it’s easy to prepare and to keep in the freezer for any day when the time is short or the inspiration for dinner is far away.

Patties made of vegetables can sometimes be difficult to make if you want to skip the eggs or flour. Instead you have to find another component that makes the patties both easy-to-handle and still juicy when it’s time to dig in. Today I use a mixture of buckwheat flour and almond flour. Next time I will think about a recipe without any nuts included.

To speed up the cooking, I decided to use pre-cooked beets, making it easy to get everything together on time for dinner. Be sure to protect well-manicured hands and nails with gloves if you grate the beetroot by hand!

To accompany the patties, I made a simple herb oil.
By first blanching the herbs (ie where the food, in this case fresh herbs are quickly boiled in water for about 1 min and then quickly cooled with cold water) you can maintain its beautiful green color. This way you can also use the herb oil as dressing the day after or whatever you need to give an extra push on your plate. Store the prepared oil in the refrigerator.

Finally, I made simple mashed potato, which, according to Dutch tradition, I tasted with sauerkraut. Something that I think tastes amazing but if you don’t appreciate it just yet, just leave it out.

Now let’s make some dinner!


Beetroot patties

4-6 patties

400 grams pre-cooked beetroots
1 dl / 65 grams of buckwheat flour
1 dl / 45 gram of almond- or hazelnut flour
A handful of cashew- or hazelnuts (about 50 grams)
1/2 teaspoon of grounded cumin
A pinch of grounded chipotle powder
Salt and black pepper
Possible some finely chopped parsley
Some neutral oil to bake in

How do I do it?
1. Preheat the oven at 200 ° C. Prepare a plate with baking parchment and spread a thin layer of oil al over the paper.
2. Grate the beetroot and chop the nuts roughly. Mix it all in a bowl with a spatula. Add the of flours and spices. Mix with a spatula until you have a smooth, fine batter.
4. Forma 4-6 equal patties and place them on the prepared baking sheet. Brush the patties with a some oil on top and place the baking plate in the middle of the oven. Set the timer for 20 minutes.
5. After 20 minutes, turn the patties upside down. Set the timer for another 10 minutes. Ready!Enjoy the patties with a good sauce, maybe some herb oil?

Herb oil

A big handful of cilantro (alternatively leaf parsley or basil if you prefer)
About 0,75 dl of neutral oil (sunflower, rapeseed or olive oil)
1/2 a garlic clove
A good pinch of sea salt

How do I do it?
1. Bring water in a small pan to a boil.
Cut off the very utmost of the stalks and then add the fresh herbs that you chose to the boiling water. Blanch for about one minute and then pour everything into a wire sieve. Rinse the herbs immediately with cold water to maintain the green color.
2. Pour the blanched coriander / parsley / basil in a high mixing bowl. Add the garlic, salt and oil. Mix until you have an even herb oil. If necessary, add some water to make it looser if you prefer and mix again.

Serve the patties with some mashed potatoes (possibly with some sauerkraut) and a delicious crispy salad. Some dry-roasted seeds on top taste yum!

This recipe is free from gluten, refined sugar and lactose.