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Greens with a even more green dressing


When I want to create a new recipe, I often start with thinking in different consistencies. On my plate I like to combine something soft, something crunchy and something a bit more chewy. Al this comes together in this recipe with only greens and a even more green dressing.

The soft in this “salad” comes from grilled zucchini. Unfortunately I don’t have the possibility of using a real bbq since I live in the middle of a city but I have my heavy iron grill pan and a gas stove that gives almost the same result. The smokey taste gives a nice accent to the dish.
I also added light boiled green beans that has a neutral taste that I think work very well to complete the dish.

The crunchy comes from roasted hazelnuts full of umami (read more about umami here). Other easy alternatives could be roasted pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds or maybe pecan nuts. I tend to sprinkle these goodies on almost any food; green salads, baked eggs, smoothies… I love it!

Finally the chewy part. This time I have used thinly slices of raw fennel. Other alternatives could be raw parsnip or why not green asparagus? A mild yet a distinct taste that I appreciate in my food.

As a final punch to my dish, I made a chlorophyll filled dressing full of taste. Fresh mint, dill and parsley combined with lemon juice is just so nice!

The “salad” can be served warm or cold and if there happens to be any left overs, they work perfectly the day after as a starter for a new salad. Let’s get to work!

Greens with a even more green dressing

4 persons

600 gram squash + plus some oil
1 raw fennel
250 gram green beans

A very green dressing
A handful of fresh mint
A handful of dill
A handful of parsley
160 gram / 2 dl good olive oil
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
A good pinch of salt

1/2 preserved lemon
1 cup / 1 dl roasted hazelnuts
Feta cheese or parmesan (optional)

How do I do it?
1. Clean and cut the courgette in slices of 1/2 cm. Spread some oil on both sides on each slice.
2. Heat up your bbq or heavy iron grill pan (no oil needed). When real hot, place the slices of courgette next to each other on the grill. Bbq shortly on both sides so that you get a nice pattern. Go on until you have grilled all slices.
3. Fill a small pan with water and let it come to a boil. Add the cleaned green beans and let it boil until al dente (about 6 minutes). When ready, pour the beans in a colander and rinse with lots of cold water. This way you will keep the beautiful green color.
4. Clean and slice the fennel in thin slices. Add all vegetables to a bowl.
5. Prepare the dressing; separate the leafs from the stalks of the fresh herbs. Add all the leafs and the other ingredients to a high mixer bowl. Mix with a hand blender until you have a smooth dressing.
6. Roast the hazelnuts in a dry pan until golden. Separate the shell from the nuts with your hands. Cut roughly in pieces.
7. Cut out the pulp from the preserved lemon and throw it away. When eating preserved lemons, you only eat the thick lemon peel! Cut it in thin slices.
8. Sprinkle the cut hazelnuts and preserved lemon on top of the veggies and pour your beautiful dressing on top. You might want to toss the ingredients before serving. If you like, it is nice to add some feta cheese or (vegan) parmesan on top. Add fresh pepper and sea salt.

This recipe is free from gluten, sugar and lactose (if using a vegan parmesan).
It’s a vegan-, paleo-, and LCHF-friendly recipe.



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