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Vegan rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries


Today is not any day, today its my birthday. Even though not celebrating big, I still enjoy eating good (just like any day hihi, who am I kidding!). For today I have prepared a vegan version of a creamy pannacotta, a rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries. 

The joy of having birthday in the end of May, means often beautiful weather but also that the primeurs are finally coming. The first one to come up out of the ground is the sour rhubarb. The elderberry flowers and strawberries are following. I just had to combined these goodies!

Pannacotta is in it’s original a lovely Italian dessert made of cooked cream, sugar and spices. The pudding is made with gelatin to keep it steady. When making a vegan version of it, you of course need to find alternatives for both the heavy cream and the gelatin. In my version I have therefore  used cashew nuts to replace the cream and coconut oil instead of gelatin. The magic happens after a few hours in the refrigerator when the coconut oil has stiffen up the pudding. You decide how hard you prefer the pudding with regulating the coconut oil. I like it rather creamy but its all up to you.
Let’s get to work!

Rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries

5 small bowls

2,1 oz /60 gram / 1 dl raw cashew nuts
2.1 oz / 60 gram/ 3 tablespoons of deodorized coconut oil
1 tsk grounded vanilla powder
2 tablespoons of concentrated elderberry flower lemonade ( I had some homemade from last year but you can also find in the organic supermarkets).  Check the amount of sugar when you buy it!
2,1 oz / 60 gram fresh rhubarb, cleaned and pealed
2,8 oz / 80 gram cashew milk

5,3 oz / 150 gram of fresh strawberries
4 tablespoons of concentrated elderberry flower lemonade
A handful of fresh mint

How do I do it?
1. Mix al ingredients in a high-speed blender. Mix until completely smooth.
2. Divide the batch over 5 small glasses. It should be about 3 cm high, not too much as it is a rather heavy dessert!
3. Let it sit in the refrigerator for about 4 hours. This can also be prepared the day before if needed.
4. Clean the strawberries and cut them in thin slices. Add them to a separate bowl and pour the elder berry lemonade on top.
5. Separate the mint leafs from its hard stems. Roll the leaves up and cut the them in thin slices. When ready, add them to the strawberries. Carefully turn the strawberries.
6. Let it marinade for 5-10 minutes.

When ready to eat, divide the strawberries including the fluid and mint on top of the pannacotta. Enjoy cold. Enjoy!

This recipe is free from (white) sugar (depending on the elderberry flower lemonade you have), lactose and gluten.
It’s a vegan and paleo friendly recipe.


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