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Ice cold coffee drink with super powers!


It’s been hot in the Netherlands lately! So hot that I started to look for alternatives to my daily hot coffee… Therefor, today a ice cold pick-me-up coffee drink with lots of goodies in!

To make it easy for myself (and you) I prepared a bigger batch of my coffee-chocolate mix and also added some superfoods to it. In that way I’m all set whenever I need my pick-me-up coffee drink.

In other recipes for coffee drinks I often see instant coffee being used but I was looking for another alternative. Why not just finely grounded coffee beans?
For this purpose I have used my electric coffee grinder. Part from grinding coffee beans with it, I also use it for when making my own bullion powder and crushing dried spices. A small investment but worth every penny if you ask me!

Raw sunflower lecithin

To the drink I have added a raw, fluid sunflower lecithin.  The lecithin brings a creaminess and a fluffy mouthfeel to the drink that I like.

The texture of the lecithin itself reminds of a thick and sticky honey. It’s handy to brush some oil on the spoon before taking it, then it will be less sticky on the spoon it self and more in your smoothie or drink.
If you can’t find sunflower lecithin or don’t want to use it, just skip it and add some more ice and maybe half a banana to get it more creamy.

Superfood Lucuma and Maca

The superpower in the drink comes from the superfood lucuma and maca powder.
Lucuma from Peru is a natural sweetener from the fruit with the same name. Because of its sensitivity during export, we encounter the fruit mainly dried and grounded in powder in the rest of the world.
Lucuma can be mixed in both smoothies and pastries. Particularly it fits well with chocolate if you ask me! The taste reminds me slightly of vanilla and fudge combined…

The maca powder comes from the Peruvian Andes and is a powder made of the dried root. The powder is said to contain several useful ingredients for the body. The taste is both a bit sweet and earthy and fits well with the chocolate and lucuma powder.
Talking about superfood  can be delicate question but I’ll hand that over to you. I think they taste both great in my drink!

Shall we get started?


 Ice cold coffee drink with super powers!

Makes a batch for about 3-4 glasses (can be prepare in advance)
3 tablespoons of cacao (raw if preferred)
1,5 tablespoons of lucuma powder
2 tablespoons of maca powder
1 teaspoon grounded vanilla powder
For serving of 1 glas:
3-4 teaspoons of the cacao mix above
2,5 dl / 250 gram almond milk (or other plant based milk of choice)
A handful of ice
1-2 cored medjoul dates (depending how sweet you prefer it)
Optional; 2 tablespoons of fine grounded coffee beans
Optional; 1 teaspoon of fluid, raw sunflower lecithin

How do I do it?
1. Start preparing the batch of chocolate and superfoods. Add all ingredients to airtight container and see that everything is mixed well.
Optional: ground the coffee beans finely in a coffee grinder. Add the coffee to the already prepared mix.
Now you are set for a lovely pick-me-up drink whenever!

2. Time to enjoy your ice-cold coffee drink with superpowers !
Pour the milk in a mixer. Add the cored dates and handful of ice. Mix everything well.
Optional: add raw sunflower lecithin to the drink.
3. Add some whole ice lumps to a big glass and pour in your drink. Decorate with som grounded coffee on top. Enjoy!

This recipe is free from lactose and gluten.