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Raw gooseberry compote


I really like gooseberries but I don’t manage to find them very often. This time I was lucky and I came home with a liter. Now what? And then I knew, of course I should make compote. Like all grandmother did when I was a child (at least I think they did)… Today I’m making raw gooseberry compote in my kitchen! 
I really love to go to food markets and shops! I can easily spend a smaller fortune on a exotic fruit, a special salt or a certain oil. But schhhh, don’t tell my husband!
But even more fun then spending that fortune on something new, is to find something fantastic in season for a great price. That totally trigger my food fantasy and I can’t stop thinking of what to do with it. Like the red gooseberries I found the other day.

This raw version turned out great. I enjoyed it with just some plant-based milk (almond, cashew, pistachio, sesame or whatever you prefer). On top I added some extra cardamom and some crushed pecan nuts. It also really fits well with a morning porridge or yoghurt. Or why not freeze it into cubes and just add as many as you need to a mixer for a fast sorbet? Or a maybe add some frozen banana to it and make nice-cream. Or use it as a filling for muffins. Or…
Yes, this time my object for desire was definitely the gooseberry. Love.
Let’s get to work!


Raw gooseberry compote

Makes about 0,5 liter ready compote

1 liter of red (or green) fresh gooseberries
30 gram (or just about a handful) dried gojiberries, soaked
1-2 pitted medjoul dates (depending how sweet you prefer it to be), soaked
1 teaspoon of grounded vanilla powder
1-2 teaspoons freshly grounded cardamom (optional)

How do I do it?
1. Add the dried gojiberries and the pitted date(s) to a bowl with luke water. Let it soak for about 2 hours until soft. When ready, strain them. Add them to a mixer bowl.
2. Wash and tail the gooseberries. Add them to the same mixer bowl. Add the other ingredients to the bowl as well.
3. Mix it all together until you have an equal compote. You should not be able to see any of the fruit peel of the gooseberries.
4. Taste if its sweet enough for your tastebuds. If not, add another date.

This recipe is free from white sugar, gluten and lactose.

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